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Special Guest in Dundee
Published: 16/10/2012 at 15:03

With the current lockout in the National Hockey League still to be resolved, Paul MacLean head coach of the Ottawa Senators accompanied by his wife Sharon, took the opportunity for a quick visit to Dundee and to catch up with their son AJ MacLean, captain of the Dundee CCS Stars.

During his stay Paul took time to talk with Dundee Stars TV and had this to say, firstly about the Stars v Hull Stingrays game at the weekend.

"I was happy with the way the Dundee guys played and they played hard the full 60 minutes. It was good to see the Stars continue to commit through into overtime and eventually secure the penalty-shot win.

"The only thing for me is I would like to see the Stars powerplay shoot the puck a little bit more. However, that is just an observation and not a criticism.

"I really enjoyed the game and how the fans were behind their team all night and the warm welcome they gave me was real nice and I really appreciated that."

On the NHL lockout Paul commented:

"The situation hasn't changed to my knowledge and the big issues are still there. Some of the minor things are getting cleaned up.

"However, as far as the big division of the hockey related revenues is concerned, they haven't been discussed yet, so until they do that there's not going to be a whole lot of progress made on it.

"Although it's frustrating and disappointing for us all back home this is the situation we find ourselves in."

On the subject of other NHL players taking the route to Europe Paul had this to say:

"How much do they want to get paid and how much are they themselves willing to pay to get the opportunity?

"It's getting harder to play in Europe for some of these guys as the leagues get stronger and progress over here. However, if there is no quick solution to the NHL lockout I believe more will take the chance to come over."

Paul finally talked of his relationship with former Whitley Warrior Mike Babcock of the 1980s Heineken League (I'm sure some of our older fans will remember Mike fondly), now coach of the Detroit Redwings:

"I didn't believe he was that good a player until somebody showed me an old Whitley Warriors programme. Yes Mike was a fine player and he talks fondly of his time in Whitley bay.

"The relationship I had for nine years with Mike was great. We went to the Stanley Cup final three times together and won it in Detroit and learned a lot from Mike about the preparation for the game, the detail and how the game should be played.

"However, the biggest thing I learned from Mike was to be up front with your players and tell them what your expectations are so there isnít any guessing."

Paul has thoroughly enjoyed his short stay on Tayside with his wife Sharon and wished all the Stars fans and the team good fortune for the rest of the season.

Special Guest in Dundee
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