Q. How are you enjoying Dundee so far?

A. Both me and my girlfriend enjoy Dundee, the city is nice and the people as well and it has been good so far. I love the view of the waterfront with the bridges too.

Q. How does Dundee compare to other places you have lived?

A. It’s a little different to France, in terms of weather it has been better than I expected. It is easier than living in France because everyone speaks English and the food is a little different too going from eating duck and pastries, too eating more haggis and meat.

Q. Is there anything you miss about your hometown?

A. Hanging out with my friends and my family.

Q. How did you get into playing ice hockey?

A. My parents took me along to a skating practice one day when I was like 4 or 5 and I loved it and then I ended up going to a hockey practice and it started from there.

Q. Do you have a second career outside of hockey?

A. I am studying for a business degree but I don’t really have a plan, I’m just taking it slow and it gives me something to do at home.

Q. Do you have any pregame meals or rituals?

A. I don’t have a specific meal, usually the previous night’s leftover. I can’t be bothered cooking on game days so I make extra the night before. I don’t have any rituals, I normally do my left skate first and that’s like the only thing.

Q. What is the weirdest pregame ritual you have seen?

A. There was one guy a few years ago who used to meditate before a game, that’s not something you see normally.

Q. What do you do to drive yourself to get better every day/season?

A. I just try to push myself to get better and that’s what motivates me, even just the thought of seeing how good I can be and trying to match that thought.

Q. Who is the best player you have played with?

A. Johan Andersson – He make me a better player and we link up really well.

Q. How does the Elite League compare to other leagues you have played in?

A. It’s different, it is more of a North American style compared to France and Sweden. Also it is more physical and competitive, although in Sweden it is more possession based and there are better skaters but they all play in Olympic size rinks compared to some smaller ones in this league.

Q. How do you deal with long travel journeys?

A. I usually watch movies on my iPad or listen to a podcast if not I will just have a nap, but in France we took the bus and it was longer journeys than some in this league. The longest was about fifteen or sixteen hours.

Q. What is your favourite away arena/city to play in?

A. In this league Belfast, I’ve heard it’s a great arena but we haven’t experienced them all. In my career though I would have to say the Globe in Stockholm, I played my first SHL game there, it looks like a giant golf ball but it was special to play my first SHL in a huge arena like that.

Q. What was it like to represent Sweden at the World Junior Championships?

A. It was one of my better moments in my career, getting to represent my country is pretty special. The tournament was in Sweden so it was a nice proud feeling to pull on the three crowns jersey.

Q. What is your favourite moment with the Stars so far?

A. Getting that 7-5 win over Fife was huge for the team and for the fans. It is probably our best moment as a team.

Q. What was it like to win the J18 and J20 Silver Medal and the TV-Pucken Gold Medal with Stockholm?

A. We lost the final twice both at 18’s and 20’s to Frölunda but it was still good to get to the final and then the TV-Pucken is like a state championship and we won it two years in a row and it had never happened before.

Q. Describe how it felt to win the Ligue Magnus play-offs with the French side, Briançon in 2013-14.

A. I came in late that year and I felt from the beginning they were a good group of guys, the coach was good but we weren’t the best team on paper and we didn’t have a huge budget for a small team that was based out of a small town, high in the Alps. However we won the playoffs in game seven at home and the fans were going crazy, they had never won it before, so I stayed the next season and we got to play in the Champions League.

Q. What NHL team did you support when you were growing up?

A. Colorado Avalanche. That’s where Peter Forsberg played and he was the first guy I really looked up to.

Q. What is your favourite moment from your career?

A. I am not sure, probably winning the Championship with Briançon or my first SHL game, if not representing Sweden.

Q. Where do you want to be in 10 years?

A. Hopefully I finish my studies by then and I would like to have my own business or be working for a company. Possibly starting a family.

Q. What is the best things about Dundee Stars fans?

A. I love their passion for the game and their quite loud and we might not have the most fans but the ones we have are really good.

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