Q. How are you enjoying Dundee so far?
A. I enjoy it a lot, the people are so friendly!

Q. How does Dundee compare to other places you have lived?
A. Pretty similar but Dundee has some nice places to go –  I’m looking forward to 3 Session Street opening up (my friend’s bar).

Q. Is there anything you miss about your hometown?
A. My mother’s food and my family.

Q. What/who made you want to play hockey?
A. My big brother.

Q. Do you have a second career outside of hockey?
A. I teach kids during the summer back home, it’s a great and rewarding job.

Q. Do you have any pregame meals or rituals?
A. I always get some home cooked food from Don Michele on Perth Road.

Q. What is the weirdest pregame ritual you have seen?
A. I played with a guy in Sweden who liked to go and smoke in his car before each game.

Q. What do you do to drive yourself to get better every day/season?
A. Try to have a positive mindset and give 100% no matter what happens.

Q. Who is the best player you have played with?
A. Anze Kopitar (They played together at Sodertalje SK back in 2005-06, Kopitar is now playing in the NHL where he is now in his 12th season with the Los Angeles Kings).

Q. How does the Elite League compare to other leagues you have played in?
A. There is more back to back games and a bit more of a physical game here in the UK.

Q. How do you deal with long travel journeys?
A. Read books and sleep.

Q. What is your favourite away arena/city to play in?
A. Belfast

Q. What is your favourite moment with the Stars so far?
A. When we turned the game against Manchester at home while short handed – winning that was amazing!

Q. What was it like to represent Sweden at international level, in events such as the World Junior Championships?

A. It was fun, but a long time ago so my memory isn’t the best!

Q. What was it like to win and the TV-Pucken Bronze Medal with Stockholm?
A. It was a disappointment as we should have taken gold!

Q. Describe how it felt to win promotion to the Elitserien in 2006-2007 with Sodertalje SK?
A. It was my rookie year so it was a great experience – the whole city was going crazy for a while!

Q. What NHL team did you support when you were growing up?
A. Colorado Avalanche when Peter Forsberg was there.

Q. What is your favourite moment from your career?
A. When I signed my first SHL contract with AIK, which was my team growing up.

Q. Where do you want to be in 10 years?
A. I want to open a bar and restaurant with some of the guys I’ve met here.

Q. What is the best things about Dundee Stars fans?
A. They are so friendly – Hockey Gran especially! She took my parents and me out for a day trip to show us Scotland! What a woman.

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