Well Stars fans, I am a firm believer in keeping everyone involved with the club aware of all the goings on behind the scenes, even when times are tough so here we go!

This is no secret, the last few games were extremely disappointing. Our current form has been frustrating. Unfortunately, there are things that we can’t control and one of them are injuries. I have been playing and coaching for many years now, I have faced many challenging seasons through injuries but to say the least, this has been the worst situation that I have ever encountered.

We have received bad news again today, as Johan Andersson will be out long term. He will need surgery on his wrist. Johan is an absolute warrior. He has played with this injury for 2 months now and unfortunately he will require surgery in the coming days.

Anthony Mastrodicasa is close to a return.

Chris Lawrence will be another few weeks out minimum with his injury, which is deeply frustrating as he is without doubt are go to guy on the team. Larry is doing all he can to get himself fit and in the lineup.

The good news though is that both Justin Fox and Jordan Cownie will be ready for this upcoming weekend.

Now some more positives, this team will not stop believing. We have faced extreme adversity, everyone knows that. The boys showed a lot of character and determination on Sunday and I have no doubt this will continue on Saturday in Milton Keynes.

I have seen first hand the dedication of the players on this team and it gives me even further motivation to push them to the best of their abilities. We are all in this together and the players know that it is a privilege to wear the Stars jersey, therefore they have no option but to leave everything they have on the ice.

There is A LOT of hockey left to be played, including 20 in conference games. So I can tell you with assurance that we will do everything we can to get back on winning track and push for a very strong second half of the season.

My message to the fans is very simple, keep the faith and enjoy the ride.

Behind the scenes the teams is working hard to keep growing the club. As always though, we need your support and we need the fans to keep turning up in numbers each home game. A family event, a cosy warm night out or simply a fun exciting sport to watch and most importantly a team that represents YOUR city that wants your support.

Everyone knows the season is a roller coaster and right now we are down but we have no intentions of staying there.

This is not the time to give up, this is time to rally your friends, family members & work colleagues to come to the game this Sunday at the Dundee Ice arena at 6:30pm.

Now is the time to get behind your team .
See you all Sunday.


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