Dear Stars fans,

I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas holiday period.

As I’ve always said to you all, I think it’s important to keep our fans in the loop on everything that is happening on and off the ice at the club, so here goes!

Firstly, the club is actively looking for replacements to fill the void left by the departure of Dickin & Fox.

I have to say that the departure of Justin was a real surprise. When he announced his wish to return home right before Christmas Day, I was immediately on the active search for a replacement. We know the importance of this upcoming month, so at this moment we are trying to find the right person to help the guys on the ice.

This is definitely the hardest time to sign a player but we are extremely close on a few prospects, so as soon as I get contracts signed as returned, you guys will be the first to know.

As you’re all aware, we have had our fair share of bad luck so far this season. Truth be told, I personally don’t think you can even write a story of what has happened. Though in saying that, now as a club, we are only looking forward to the second half of the season, which presents a great opportunity for us.

The players have faced a lot of adversity thus far, but we are now focused and excited for this second half of the campaign. We have numerous important conference games coming up and our aim is to compete at the top of our group and make a real solid impact between now and the end of the regular season.

The last home game vs Fife was a huge success, both on and off the ice. A big win, plus the biggest crowd of the season. It really felt special to see so many Stars fans in attendance.

I truly hope the fans will continue to show their support for this team and come enjoy a good night out. Now is the time when we need you guys the most.

I’ll take off my Coach’s hat now and put my GM one on for this next bit. As a club, we are always trying to improve the game night entertainment. When I was in Manchester for two seasons, it was something as a club we placed huge significance on and I want to do the same here in Dundee. The big thing is we want EVERYONE to enjoy the match night experience; so if you have any ideas that will help grow the match night experience, please email us ([email protected]). We are very aware the number one priority is the on ice product but we are always looking to make a Dundee Stars game a very enjoyable experience for one and all. The last few home games, we had the privilege of having two British Champion skaters on the ice during the period breaks & we want to continue to push our locals and showcase their talents, so please do get in touch if you have any ideas that you’d like to share.

As always, we are doing everything we can to grow the club within the community. Many of you have seen us in schools, at hospitals and at different community events, these are things that the guys love doing and something I place huge significance on. The reason behind this is we want to be big brand ambassadors for the beautiful city of Dundee. As professional athletes, one of the key aspects is to give back to the community you play within. As a professional team, it is even more important to be involved and help the City progress in a positive manner and be role models for young children.

It has been a hard start, but I can assure all of you that everyone on this team is ready to face the second half of the season head first. We will do everything we can to make our fans proud and most importantly bring success on the ice.

Stick with us, and we look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday (2nd Jan) for our big home game vs the Braehead Clan (7.30pm FO). And remember to bring along some friends, family and work colleagues and introduce them to the fastest sport on the planet! See you all then.



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