Hi Stars fans,

It has been a while since my last message to you all, my apologies for that, but it’s been a somewhat busy period as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Obviously the past 8 days have been hectic to say the very least. Last week, we were able to pick up 4 points in 4 games. Considering we travelled a ridiculous amount of miles by bus and ferry and were in 3 different countries, I can barely put into words how proud I am of the guys.

It’s easy to look at the negatives and not picking up the full 8 points, but we played against 3 teams that have historically competed on a yearly basis for the League title. On Saturday at our home game vs Belfast, we saw one of our largest crowds in a while & definitely the loudest. 

I suppose the thing that made me even more content was our overall compete level against some of the big-hitters within the EIHL throughout this burst of games. We gave ourselves a chance to win each night & were able to take it deep in all of the fixtures.


Yesterday, against the Cardiff Devils (defending champions), we were able to obtain another point which was so hard fought against a team stacked from top to bottom with talent as well as depth. These are vital points that all add up at the end of the season, so that’s why I am so positive and feel a real sense of “buy-in” from the team, on and off the ice.

Now putting my General Manager hat on, I can not be happier with the guys being pro-active this week by also visiting schools to promote healthy eating and being active. Not one complaint about tiredness, just full buy in to everything we wish to achieve as a business.

The support from our fans since the start of the season has been nothing short of fantastic. Ownership, myself and all of the players massively appreciate how you’ve gotten behind this team so far this season. We don’t have the biggest budget in the world, but I like to think we always play with the biggest heart!!! I have one ask of you all- this coming Sunday night at home (vs Guildford) can you be even louder and prouder than ever? You honestly have no idea how important it is to the players when the DIA is rocking!! I hope to see the building packed not only for the game but to show the appreciation for the guys at the end of what has been a crazy schedule- they all deserve your full respect. 


It has also been great to see the new players adjusting to life in Dundee so well- they’ve really bought into everything that the City offers and are loving being here and have a real hunger and desire to make Dundee proud of YOUR Dundee Stars.

It’s also my job to ensure we are promoting this Stars team as best we can to everyone in Dundee, from local businesses to parents, kids and Groups. The EIHL is growing rapidly and becoming a very respected league across Europe and to have a team that plays in the top league from Dundee in my opinion is great for the City. So I will keep coercing everyone I meet and pushing this great sport of hockey because our mission is to make Dundee a true hockey city.  A community in essence based on a hardworking, competitive team that has adopted this fabulous city of Dundee as home.

Finally, this Sunday, after another long travel day & night on the Saturday in Guildford, I am hoping we pack the building to not only be the extra boost we need to finish this crazy stint of 7 games in 12 days but to show your appreciation of all the guys efforts for their relentless work ethic & buy-in.

See you all on Sunday (5pm Face-Off) @ the DIA- bring your friends, family and work colleagues along for a great night of sports entertainment!!



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