A message to the Kitmart Dundee Stars season ticket holders

It is with significant disappointment that we are informing you all that the 2020/21 season has been officially suspended. This decision has been a very difficult one and quite frankly a very sad outcome. The league ultimately believed with government restrictions still in place, uncertainty with future rules and the overall safety of all fans, player’s and staff the league would not be able to guarantee the full safety of all.


From an EIHL Club business standpoint, we rely on bums on seats for the bulk of our revenue to meet our financial obligations. With this mind, it is simply impossible for this season to be played without our fans in the stands.



As season ticket holders, I personally wanted to thank you for all your support. In my time here in Dundee, you have been the backbone of this Club and simply put, without you, this club would simply not be alive.


Your passion, enthusiasm and dedication to the Dundee Stars is nothing short of superb and for that, I thank you. Considering the current on going situation, we were pleasantly surprised that we were not only able to retain a large portion of season ticket holders but also add new ones. This has been a great reassurance for our ownership group and Club moving forward and we can’t thank you enough for that loyalty.


I wanted to personally explain below the options for your 2020/2021 season tickets. Can I just add that I know how hard a time this is for everyone, the world is going through immense change right here, right now and everyone has to react quickly to those changes.


I am aware there are many people who have been financially affected due to Covid-19 and my sympathies are with all of you who have been directly impacted. That said, if you are in a position to keep your season ticket money locked in with the Club until the start of the 2021/22 season, then that would help the Stars organisation immensely in our planning for the future. Your money would of course be protected in a reserve account and only be used once we are ready to go for the new season. Your consideration is very much appreciated by all at the Dundee Stars.


In the next coming days and weeks, I am hoping to touch base and not only speak about the future of the Kitmart Dundee Stars, but to also thank you all for your unwavering support.


Any enquiries relating to 2020/21 season tickets can be sent to Michael at [email protected].


Thank you,


Option 1:

For season ticket holders who have paid their 2020/21 ticket in full, automatically their season ticket and seat will roll over to the next season. The funds will be placed in a protected reserve account until the start of new season.


Option 2:

For season ticket holder who choose to continue paying their season tickets in full, by monthly instalments. Once your final payment is made, no other payments will be needed for the 2021/22 season and the season ticket and seat will be automatically transferred to the next season. The funds will be placed in a protected reserve account until the start of new season.


Option 3:

For season ticket holders paying by monthly instalments, you can pause your monthly payments and then resume the payment plan prior to the 2021/22 season. Your current balance will be placed into a protected reserve account until the start of new season.


Option 4:

For season ticket holders that wish to receive a refund in full on the payments they have currently made towards 2020/21 season tickets. Can do so by contacting the club.

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