The Kitmart Dundee Stars are delighted to bring you the final jersey auction of the season. We will be hosting an online silent auction for our white away game worn jerseys. These vital funds will help in these difficult times, continue the journey of the Stars, building a stronger future for the club and sport in the city.

So we urge our fans to bid for these jerseys, buy your season tickets, 10 timer tickets and sponsor the club for season 2020/21!

Bidding is open NOW and will close today, Friday 27th March at 12.00pm. Full payment will then be required ASAP. Bids after that date and time will not count.

Winning bidders will be contacted by email and jerseys will be held until Monday 30th March at 12.00pm. If we don’t receive a reply by then, the jerseys will be offered to the 2nd highest bidder.

All payments must be finalised and jerseys collected by Friday 3rd April at 12.00pm


photo courtesy of Scott Wiggins



Email Michael Ward at [email protected] with your bid and which jersey you are bidding on.

eg. £200 #6 Drydn Dow White Away            or        £150 #7 Elgin Pearce Red Challenge

We will update the list each day after 4.00pm to show the current highest bid. Minimum bids will be £80. You can find the list below for all White away jerseys, which are signed unless stated;

#6 Drydn Dow                             Current Bid £370 Gordon Alexander
#8 Jagger Dirk                             Current Bid £250 Anonymous
#10 Kevin Dufour                        Current Bid £ 230 Ruth McKelvie
#11 Kris Inglis                               Current Bid £160 Grant Wilson
#13 Egils Kalns                             Current Bid £180 Nairn Brunton
#14 Jordan Cownie                      Current Bid £180 Mark Murray
#15 Craig Garrigan                       Current Bid £150 Susan Maxwell
#16 Reilly O’Connor                     Current Bid £160 Anonymous
#19 Anthony Beauregard            Current Bid £370 Gordon Alexander
#21 Colton Kroeker                      Current Bid £200 Fiona Stewart
#22 Alex Schoenborn                  Current Bid £200 Gordon Alexander
#27 Shawn Boutin                        Current Bid £200 Anonymous
#28 Brett Stovin                           Current Bid £280 Linda Dora
#37 Matt Marquardt                    Current Bid £260 Jon Frullani
#38 Duncan Speirs                       Current Bid £140 Jamie Falconer
#51 Brython Preece                       Current Bid £100 Stuart Brodie
#53 Craig Gans                              Current Bid £250 Christine Hair
#55 Matt Carter                             Current Bid £150 Susan Maxwell
# 71 Alex Leclerc                            Current Bid £300 Gordon Alexander

#7 Elgin Pearce                              Current Bid £ 200 Andrew Garden (unsigned)

We also have Red Challenge Cup jerseys that we can auction off too.

#7 Elgin Pearce                                                    Current Bid £110 (unsigned) Niamh Brunton
#22 Alex Schoenborn                                          Current Bid £150 (unsigned) Sophie Mill
#55 Matt Carter                                                    Current Bid £90 (unsigned) David Melville
#46 Blood Jersey                            Current Bid £140 (signed by whole team) Tracy Gulvin
#84 Blood Jersey                            Current Bid £140 (signed by whole team) Duncan McKenna

Many thanks in advance for your continued support of the club.

#COYStars #BeatTheRecord #BackTheStars

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