The Kitmart Dundee Stars are encouraging its supporters to grow a beard this winter and help raise money for local sick children.

The ARCHIE Foundation is calling on workplaces, sports teams and families to get involved in their annual Beards for Bairns campaign, which sees men grow or style a beard from Christmas Day to Burn’s Night and get sponsors to help raise as much money as possible.

Women can also get in on the fun – not by growing a beard – but by nominating mates to take part.

The Stars, who have ARCHIE as its charity partner for the season, backed the campaign at Dundee Ice Arena and urged fans to get involved in the fun campaign.

Brett Stovin, Craig Gans and Duncan Speirs all usually have a wealth of facial hair and nominated each other to grow something a little quirky this winter.



Brett Stovin of Dundee Stars, said: “We are taking part in the Beards for Bairns campaign this winter and it is kind of a unique situation for us, where we can do more for the community.

“It is pretty easy for us to grow facial hair, so we want to help create awareness and help sick children.

“It is very tough to see and it is very unfortunate as you never want to see a child in the hospital or dealing with an illness.

“The Archie Foundation are our charity partner this season, so this is a great way for us to get involved with their campaign, so we will grow our beards and you will be able to see them out on the ice and hopefully our fans can support that and donate to the Archie Foundation, even the smallest amount of money helps.

“We hope to see some support from a lot of people and we will do our part on the ice and hopefully we can grow some pretty fun beards.”

Fundraising Manager Sarah Johnston said: “We were delighted to have the support of the Kitmart Dundee Stars for Beards for Bairns and I hope it will inspire their supporters to grow beards this winter.

“It’s so simple: grow or style a beard for one month from Christmas Day to January 25 and raise money for sick children.

“You can sign up individually or as part of a team of workmates or friends by visiting

“All money raised will stay here in Tayside to support local children and their families.”
Anyone looking for more information should email [email protected].

#beardsforbairns @archietayside

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