The Kitmart Dundee Stars can today confirm that forward, Anthony Beauregard will not be icing for the club in the 2020/2021 Elite League season.

Anthony along with all of our other players have been told to search for other opportunities to play hockey this season, as the uncertainty of a season here in the UK hangs in the balance.

However, this has not ended any players time at the club and Beauregard has already begun talks with Stars General Manager and Head Coach, Omar Pacha about a possible return for the 2021/2022 campaign.


Anthony Beauregard, Dundee Stars,


Pacha commented: “A few weeks back we informed our players that they should really proactively start looking for something elsewhere, if they want to play hockey this season.

“After speaking to Beau and his agent, we agreed to push him towards a different opportunity and something came up, so we are really happy for him.

“Because of the uncertainty that is going on right now, we felt it was best to let him go and find some place, where he can definitely play.”

Omar continued: “Beau is a player, who we have already had conversations with about season 2021/2022 and he is obviously very interested in coming back and we are interested in having him as well.

“So, with talks already ongoing, this might be a ‘see you later’ moment but nothing is yet confirmed in that aspect.

“However, we are both confident that we will be able to work out something for next season.”


Anthony Beauregard, Dundee Stars,


Speaking about his departure, Beauregard added: “First of all, my goal was to come back to Dundee at 100% but the reality is with the virus, I have to find another way to play hockey.

“I have been talking with Pach every week because I wanted to be back so bad.

“However, at the end of the day, I am young and I need to play hockey.

“That is why I am looking to go somewhere else and play this season.

“I want to improve my game and be a better player and I had a good season last year, but I still want to be better.”

However, the Canadian has already expressed his keen interest in making a return to Dundee in the future.

He said: “Dundee is still in my mind.

“I loved my time here last year and I feel like I need to finish something I started last year.

“We are going to see what the future holds and I hope the situation will be better soon, but if everything is fine next year, then me and my agent, Nic (Riopel) will talk with Pach to maybe find a way to bring me back to the Stars.”

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