By Kris Smith

The Stars return to Challenge Cup action tonight as they travel to Northern Ireland to face Belfast for the second game against the Giants in the group stage phase.

Omar Pacha’s side were the victors at home thanks to Riley Stadel, who got the opening goal of the Dundee season and the shootout winner after coming back in the third period, from being 2-1 down.

Adam Harding was the other name on the scoresheet alongside the Giant’s Colin Shields and Brendan Connolly. Netminders Jackson Whistle and Travis Fullerton had very good performances in the first competitive game of the EIHL season and were praised for their performances.

Dundee will look to continue their strong start to the cup campaign, although coach Pacha expects to face an even stronger Giants side, Omar said: “It was a good win against the Giants though we have to be ready for the team that will come out way stronger than before, it will be our first game with the new players in and also with a bit of practice time as well.”

Travis Fullerton denied 47 of the 49 shots, plus 3 penalty shots, that he faced from the Giants, he is ‘excited to start the regular season’ but insists they have to ‘take it to them’ in order to pull off another win against the Irish.

Travis said: “It’s exciting now that we’re getting into our regular schedule. We all look forward to the challenge of going into Belfast especially with our full line up. “The keys to winning will be having everyone ready from the 1st minute. It won’t be easy they have a strong team. We will have to work extremely hard, use our speed and take it to them and we are confident we can beat any team in this league.”

Dundee welcome back Emerson Hrynyk who missed last weekend’s games due to illness, although Malcolm Gould will miss out through suspension.

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