The Trade-Mart Dundee Stars goalkeeping duo of Lucas Brine and Kevin Carr have both played key roles in the club’s success this season, back-stopping the team to crucial victories and youngster, Brine has shared his gratitude for the guidance he has received from veteran Carr throughout the campaign.

By Kris Smith

The Stars clinched a seventh-place finish in the Elite League on the last day of the regular season with 21-year-old Brine producing a 42-save performance in a 4-1 win over Fife Flyers and his only goal against came on a penalty shot, to deny the Englishman his first professional shutout.

After the match that secured team’s spot in the playoffs, Brine commented: “It is a bit of a relief but the job is not done.”

He then discussed how Carr, 33, has been a great mentor for him throughout this year after having to step into the starting role when the Canadian picked up an injury.

Lucas said: “Kevin has been a really good support for me throughout this season.

“Being able to watch him throughout the year and for him to be able to give me little tips and point out little things in my game to look at or improve on has definitely helped me grow as a goalie and I could not be more thankful for him.”



Carr featured in 40 games in the regular season for Dundee and gave his thoughts on what was a rollercoaster of a campaign for the Taysiders, adding: “It has been up and down but we have had some amazing times and some times where we wanted to do a better job.

“All in all, making the playoffs is big for us, we are really excited and we are just getting started.”

Discussing Brine and his performances, Kevin proudly shared his delight for the Team GB select, commenting: “I am really proud of him, he has stepped up to the task.

“It is not easy to do that as a young player, especially in your first year in the league and your first year playing pro, so I am really proud of him and he has done well for us.”



With the playoffs just getting underway the experienced shot-stopper also shared belief that the Stars can do something special this year, adding: “Well that is the beauty of the playoffs, anything can happen and just look at the NHL.

“You just have to sneak in and anything can happen, we saw that a few years ago with St. Louis Blues and I think we can be a similar story.”

The Stars take on Cardiff Devils in the Quarter-Finals with the first leg in Wales on Saturday night before Dundee host the second leg on Sunday evening and the aggregate winner will advance to the Finals Weekend in Nottingham.


All images: Derek Black.

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