Trade-Mart Dundee Stars goaltender, Kevin Carr made his way back into the line-up this past weekend and backstopped the team to two crucial victories as the push for the playoffs continues.

By Kris Smith

The Canadian keeper missed five games through injury but came back to resume exactly where he left off and put in two outstanding performances, as he made over 80 saves at the weekend.

Sharing his delight to be back in the action, Carr said: “It felt really good to be back on the ice with the guys and compete against good teams, so I was glad we could get the full four-points.

“When you are out injured, you always want to be back in quickly, so I was happy to be back in this past weekend and I am looking forward to this big week ahead.

At this pivotal time of the season, where every game can change the outcome of your season, Kevin discussed the busy week ahead as the Stars play three games in five days.

He said: “Points are important, as always but even more so as you come down to the late part of the season and we are looking forward to Belfast.


Kevin Carr, Dundee Stars,


“It will be a nice change playing mid-week because it breaks up the practice week and we have three big games coming up, so we will take it one game at a time and try to get as many points as possible.”

Kevin, 33, has also been mentoring, 21-year-old keeper, Lucas Brine throughout this season and passing on his experience, knowledge and wisdom to the young Brit, to help him continue his development at the pro-level.

With Brine stepping up to back-stop the team during Carr’s injury, Kevin talked of his pride in how Lucas performed, saying: “He was outstanding.

“He gave us a chance to win every night and I am sorry to see that we could not get a win for him there.

“He did a great job, he stood tall and it is tough to come in as a young kid, with not much experience that way and I thought he did a great job for us and I was really proud of him.”


All images: Derek Black.

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