By Kris Smith

The Stars face the Blaze for this first time this season as Omar Pacha takes his side down to the West Midlands club on Saturday, as the Stars plan to return to winning ways.

Danny Stewart’s Blaze sit 4th in the table with 8 points from 8 games and have lost their lost two games. Meanwhile Dundee have 3 points from 6 games and are ranked 11th in the league standings, after losing their last four matches.

Dundee welcome back Anthony Mastrodicasa and Jordan Cownie, who return from injury and also this weekend will see debuts Justin Fox and Omar Pacha in a Stars jersey. Cam McGiffin joins Chris Lawrence on the injury list after sustaining an upper body injury in the 5-2 loss to Sheffield last Sunday.

Coventry’s Danick Paquette has been suspended for both of this weekend’s matches following a review by the department of player safety. However Coventry will still dress their leading point scorer, Marc-Olivier Vallerand. The Canadian has already posted 15 points in 12 games with 9 goals and 6 assists in all competitions.

Ryan Dingle will also be a key player in the English teams line-up as he was lured down south win Danny Stewart over the summer after a successful two seasons in Fife. Dingle has 2 goals and 5 assists in 12 games and is a dangerman on every shift.

Dingle’s former teammate Justin Fox will line-up against him in his Dundee debut, during their time in Fife, Fox was the top point scorer in their first season at Flyers, beating Dingle by just 2 points and in their second season Dingle finished in the number two spot again but Fox had finished just 4th on the rankings.

Dundee fell to Coventry in three out of four games last season, they were defeat 4-1 twice at the Skydome Arena and won 5-1 on home ice but lost the second home game 4-0. The Stars faced 144 shots from the Blaze over the course of last season, conceding just 13 goals and Dundee scored just 7 goals from 110 shots on target.

Brian Hart made his debut for the Stars last week and bagged a goal in his first home game, he will be after his first win and four point weekend, as the team look to get back to winning ways.

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