By Kris Smith

Tonight we welcome our rivals the Fife Flyers to the DIA for the first time this season, the two sides met in last week’s Scottish Elite Cup semi-final, where Fife walked away 6-2 winners.

Gauthier (x2), Birzins, Schaber, Finucci and Moyer were the goal scorers for the Flyers as they eased past Dundee in the sides forst meeting this season.

A debut goal for Chris Lawrence and a first for Johan Andersson gave the Stars little commiseration but the one thing that can be said about last weekend’s performance was that the team never gave up and kept fighting for their chances.

Looking back on last weekend Omar said: “We owe them from last week and it will essentially be our first game with our new team in front of our fans, I am really looking forward to see our support on Sunday.”

Chris Lawrence played his first two games in a Stars shirt last weekend, talking about the season ahead, he said: “Yeah it was nice to get out there and stretch the legs after not being on the ice for almost a month.

“I don’t pay much mind to preseason games but it’s been nice to get to know my teammates and I’m excited for this year because coach Pacha has signed a team of good players but more importantly good people and I am excited to work together and have some success.”

The Stars and Flyers will meet at least eleven times this year and who knows what each game will hold but every single game will be exciting and thrilling to watch.

Tickets can be purchased from the DIA box-office and on the website, tonight’s home game faces off at 18:30.

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