The Kitmart Dundee Stars are delighted to open our exclusive Dundee Stars legends away jersey silent auction.

After our successful first auction of this extended off season. We wanted to make sure those fans who missed out on the Home version of these fantastic Legends Jersey had the opportunity to get their hands on one of these bespoke jerseys, sporting the name and number of their all time favourite Stars player.

These rare one-off jerseys can only be purchased via this auction and will not be available to purchase through our shop.



The jerseys have been designed as part of our celebrations for our 20th season and the inspiration for the design, comes from the very first Dundee Stars away jersey, giving these jerseys a fantastic retro look with a few modern twists.

After much deliberation and debate, the directors of the club, put together a list of 30 Dundee Stars legends. There have been some great players at the club and the fans input via the Dundee Stars starting six votes last year, certainly help narrow down that list.




You can now email Michael Ward at [email protected] with the amount you wish to bid and which jersey or jerseys you wish to place a bid on.

  1. £130 #6 Drydn Dow Legends jersey           or        £160 #18 Justin Faryna Legends Jersey

We will update the list each day after 6.00pm to show the current highest bid. The minimum bids will start at £80 and ideally bids will increase by £10 each time.

You can find the list below for all 30 Dundee Stars legends jerseys. Which Stars legends jersey will you bid on?

#2          Omar Pacha                     Current Bid  – £80 Craig Inglis
#4          Scott Young                      Current Bid  – £100 Graeme Johnstone
#5          Nikita Kashirsky              Current Bid  – £80 Mike Donnelly
#6          Drydn Dow                       Current Bid  – £100 Anonymous
#7          Jeff Marshall                    Opening Bid  – £80 AVAILABLE

#9          Tony Hand                     Current Bid  – £150 Ryan McConnachie
#9          Brent Hughes                Opening Bid  –  £80 AVAILABLE
#12        Ken Priestlay                  Current Bid  –  £80 Anonymous
#14        Teeder Wynne                Opening Bid  – £80 AVAILABLE
#15        AJ Maclean                     Current Bid  – £80 Anonymous

#16        John Dolan                      Current Bid  – £100 Jonny Smith
#18        Justin Faryna                  Current Bid  – £110 Anonymous
#19        Sam McCluskey              Opening Bid  – £80 AVAILABLE
#21        Gary Wishart                  Current Bid  – £80 Anonymous
#22        Jan Mikel                        Current Bid  – £100 Anonymous

#23        Vinny Scarsella              Current Bid  – £100 Jen Norrie
#25        Brett Switzer                  Opening Bid  – £80 AVAILABLE
#26        Cory Morgan                  Current Bid  – £80 Anonymous
#27        Paddi Lochi                    Current Bid  – £200 Tracy Troup
#27        Brock McPherson          Opening Bid  – £80 AVAILABLE

#29        Nico Sachetti                  Current Bid  – £80 Gav Clark
#31        Stephen Murphy            Opening Bid  – £80 AVAILABLE
#37        Matt Marquardt            Current Bid  – £80 Lee Campbell
#37        Jerry Pollastrone          Opening Bid  – £80 AVAILABLE
#39        Dan Bakala                    Current Bid  – £100 Anonymous

#44        Martin Wiita                  Current Bid  – £80 Lynda Morton
#44        Jason Shmyr                  Current Bid  – £80 Shaun Gilchrist
#71        Jeff Hutchins                  Current Bid  – £80 Anonymous
#96        Scott Barnes                   Opening Bid  – £80 AVAILABLE
#97        Scott Corbett                  Current Bid  – £80 Anonymous




The auction will close Sunday 4th April at 12.00pm. Full payment will then be required ASAP. Bids after that date and time will not count.

Winning bidders will be contacted by email and the jerseys will be held until Friday 9th April at 3.00pm. If we do not receive a reply by then, the jerseys will be offered to the 2nd highest bidder at the figure they had bid.

All payments must be finalised and jerseys collected or delivered by Monday 12th April 2021 at 3.00pm

Many thanks in advance for your continued support of the club. We look forward to bringing you all some positive news soon!!!

#COYStars #StrongerTogether #StarsLegends


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