The Kitmart Dundee Stars are delighted to bring you an exclusive Dundee Stars legends jersey auction. We will host an online silent auction for these bespoke jerseys.

These exclusive jerseys were designed as part of our 20th season celebrations and the inspiration for the design comes from the very first Dundee Stars jersey, which has created a retro look with a few modern twists.

These jerseys will have the name and number of 30 Dundee Stars legends. The list of 30 legends has been chosen after much deliberation and debate, between the directors of the club.

There have been some great players at the club and the decision making process was made easier with input from fans, via the Dundee Stars starting six voting.

The first five on the list in a numerical order are as follows;

#2          Omar Pacha
#4          Scott Young
#5          Nikita Kashirsky
#6          Drydn Dow
#7          Jeff Marshall

On tonight’s Live Dundee Stars show Omar revealed the design of the Legends jersey and the first five players on the list, as above.



Starting on Monday we will reveal five more legends each day and bidding will open from Sunday 1st November at 12pm.

This is another fantastic initiative by the club to honour the history of the Stars, whilst we try to fight through these difficult times

#COYStars #StrongerTogether

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