The Kitmart Dundee Stars are delighted to announce the next five players to be added to the Legends Club, chosen by the Dundee Stars directors, in celebration of our 20th season.

Yesterday we announced the second set of 5 players to be added to the Legends Club, to take the total to 10 players. Those ten players are as follows, in numerical order;

#2          Omar Pacha                     
#4          Scott Young                
#5          Nikita Kashirsky              
#6          Drydn Dow                       
#7          Jeff Marshall                  

#9          Tony Hand                     
#9          Brent Hughes                
#12        Ken Priestlay                   
#14        Teeder Wynne             
#15        AJ Maclean

Each day this week we will announce another five players, until we reach our total of 30 Legends!



Today we add in numerical order the following Dundee Stars legends;

#16        John Dolan                       
#18        Justin Faryna                 
#19        Sam McCluskey               
#21        Gary Wishart                   
#22        Jan Mikel

On Sunday 1st November at 12pm, we will host our online silent auction for these jerseys. Details of how to bid and pay for these jerseys will be released on Saturday at 12pm.

Which of these Dundee Stars legends jerseys will you bid on?

Keep an eye on our socials for the remainder of the week for more players to be added to the list.

#COYStars #StarsLegends


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