By Kris Smith

We welcome the Edinburgh Capitals to the DIA for the third time this season. It is the Stars first chance to win points in the Gardiner Conference.

Dundee look to build from the 5-1 win over Milton Keynes last Sunday, after bouncing back from a 5-1 defeat to the Fife Flyers.

This is the fifth time the Stars will face the Caps so far this season with Dundee winning their two home games and being defeated twice in the capital.

Both teams have shown their ability to score and are well aware of the threats their opponents possess.

Head Coach, Omar Pacha, added: “We are really excited for the first conference game of the season, they will be a tough opponent, as all the games we have played against them have been tight.”

The last game at the DIA between the two sides ended in a shootout, Travis Fullerton denied all four Caps efforts before Marc-Oliver Mimar found the net to give Dundee the extra point and a 4-3 win.

Dundee’s shootout hero Mimar, added: “It was great to put that one in the back of the net but that would not happen if Fullerton did not stop their four guys first.

“It was down to great team work and obviously a great come back and I think we had a really good game last time at home, it was a big step for our team, we want to keep that streak alive!”

“We need to get points, this is two big games and we want two wins.”

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