By Kris Smith

Local lad, Craig Garrigan netted his first two professional goals last month as he brought Dundee Stars level twice before they went on to win against Nottingham Panthers.

The 20-year old from Monifieth scored two goals in eight minutes to equalise the score for Stars as they trailed 2-1 and then 3-2 to the Panthers two weeks ago. Garrigan’s first goal in the 30th minute was his first ever goal in professional hockey.

Discussing the start to his first pro season, Craig said: “It has been great, my first year of pro has been good and playing for my hometown team too.

“Like I said at the start of the season, I have always dreamt of playing for the Stars and hopefully I will be here for a long time.

“I have started off slow in my first season knowing I won’t get played as much but as the season has progressed, I am getting my chances now and I am liking it so far.”

Head coach, Omar Pacha has been able to rely on Garrigan when he is required to play and the young Brit believes the experience is helping boost his confidence.

Garrigan added: “It has helped a lot, I am getting more chances now as the season goes by, we were unfortunate to get three injuries that Friday night but I am getting more chances and ice time.

“It all helps my confidence, not just on the ice but on the puck and I have a lot more confidence carrying it and just being out on their getting myself more experience.”

Craig also described his two goals, he said: “The first goal came from a great play by Lukas (Lundvald), he pressed the last defenceman and seen the puck was bouncing.

“He just hit it to the side for me and I skated onto it and shot far side of the goalie.

“The second goal was a great play by Drydn (Dow), he shot onto the pad and I just picked up the rebound.”

Garrigan played a huge part in Dundee’s second longest winning-streak this season and he said: “It felt amazing being a part of the scoring in the Nottingham game and it is unfortunate that we had three injuries but it helped me, confidence wise.

“It feels a lot better being a bigger part of the team, being a part of wins, being on the ice more and just being involved more.

“It helps me so much more being out there too, it is a confidence boost”.

The former Dundee Stars Juniors player gave his advice to up and coming prospects and other players in similar positions.

He said: “I would say be patient.

“At the start of the season, I was getting a decent amount of ice time and as the season came along, I didn’t get as much.

“I had to be patient, keep working hard and do the little things right.

“You have to do the small things right, on and off the ice, even in practice and the gym, you have to work really hard because it definitely pays off.

“I have had other guys in my team just telling me to be patient and keep working hard and it will eventually pay off.

“I feel like it has paid off in the past month and I won’t stop now.”

Looking to the weekend ahead, Craig added: “We’re more than capable to bounce back and the team has proved that many times this season.

“We just need to get back to our game, we need to outwork and out compete our opponent and then we will give ourselves a great chance to win every game.”



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