Hi Stars Fans

As an organisation we wish to address the disappointing spell that has been experienced on the ice over the course of the last few weeks. It is our duty to be transparent to our loyal fan base.

The management and players are far from satisfied at the current position that the Club finds itself in.  This disappointment has been addressed in closed door meetings and now changes have been made.

We have spent countless hours trying to find solutions and we believe our strategic decisions will help us turn this around.

The league has grown tremendously over the last few years and we have adapted accordingly to expand the Stars.

This has been crucial to solidify our position within the Elite League and bring the best possible on-ice product to the City of Dundee.

We knew this year the League would be incredibly strong, but that is no excuse for our current position.

We have set goals and we are working to get back to where we believe we should be.

As mentioned previously, we have made roster changes in the past few days.

Firstly, we would like to thank both Elgin and Justin for their effort at the Club. I cannot thank the University of Dundee enough to let Justin conclude his studies.

Decisions at times are difficult and those two were extremely tough ones to make. Ultimately, we felt we needed adjustments to our roster.

Looking ahead, we are excited to welcome Alex Schoenborn and Matt Carter to Dundee.

Alex is a player that will add speed, physicality and tenacity. He is the type of player that I believe we have lacked so far this campaign.

Matt is an experienced pro that has a knack for the net. He is a smart player and hungry for success in Dundee.

As a club, more than ever we need your support and positivity. I don’t blame fans who are angry. You pay good money and want to see a winning team.

Our fanbase is one of the most loyal in British hockey and the heartbeat of the Club. Nobody wants to give back to the fans as much as the players in our locker room and that is a simple fact.

The players feed off the support that you give them. You are the extra man on the ice.

Now more than ever is the time to stick together and work to return to winning ways.
Dundee is a special place, with special values and a hardworking city that never gives up.

From fan to player, let’s unite with that Dundonian spirit and move forward.

This club will do everything they can to make you proud again.


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