Hi Stars fans,

I hope everyone is well!

It has been a few weeks since I last touched base with you all, so now is as good a time to take stock on the past month and look ahead to what is likely to be another massively important final stretch of this Elite League season.

Last night’s game was a great night for the club.

As everyone will be acutely aware already, Cardiff are an extremely strong side and will no doubt be in strong contention for all the major honors this season.

We spoke at length about how important the start was going to be (more so after a very poor first period the day before vs Coventry), and for me that opening stanza last night was one of the best periods of hockey we have played all year.

All night long we were dialed in to ensuring the small details were taken care of, we were physically and mentally engaged the whole 60 and the guys competed for every inch on the ice.

The speed, the commitment and the work ethic was constant which for myself as Coach, was hugely satisfying to see and highlights further that this group are more than capable of achieving great things.

The fact that we didn’t get back from Coventry until 5am on the day of the game after a long travel day to and from the game, but I knew when I saw the team all arrive for the Cardiff game that they were ready to go and so it proved to be the case with the eventual performance and win.





All teams deal with injuries throughout a season, though for us it has been a recurrent theme with our D-core.

Duncan Speirs did a great job yesterday and Saturday after the bad hit OC received in the opening minute of the first in Coventry.

The D-core were absolute warriors yesterday, and I am sure it’ll be of no surprise to you all that Gans was voted MOM by his own team-mates after the game. That guy led by example the entire game, a really committed performance.

I need to take a few minutes also to mention the recent 90’s night! Did you all enjoy the Stars Boys video?!

The guys all had fun making it that’s for sure and the reaction to it has been really positive! Fair play to all the lads, it’s not easy doing that type of stuff at all, but they all took it in their strides and made it a fun thing to be a part of.

Anyways, back to 90’s night – wow, the atmosphere, the music, the engagement from the fans was immense.

Also, the feedback I received from fans and new fans was tremendous too which is always pleasing to see and hear.

As we have mentioned many times, we want to make it a proper experience coming to the hockey here in Dundee.

Personally speaking , that was one of the most enjoyable nights I have experienced at the DIA in my 3 years at the Club!




Form Post Christmas

As a club we were extremely unhappy with our inconsistent form during the first half of season.

We have now put that behind us and moved forward and have now put ourselves in a position to fight for that playoff position come the end of the regular season.

I think something that all fans, not just here in Dundee but across the whole league need to understand is just how much this league has progressed over the past few years.

I’ve been in the UK 7 seasons now and it literally is amazing the progression the EIHL has made in that time, on AND off the ice.

Of course, a higher standard of player in the league now means teams are spending more money on their respective rosters than ever before.

Again, being transparent, we are spending more in Dundee than we ever have before, but that’s what is needed JUST to compete.

We knew this year would be a challenge, as every year is for varying reasons but now we have put ourselves back closer to where we believe we should be and that is pushing for a playoff spot.

Just before Christmas, we were 9 points from a playoff spot, now are 2 points from 8th and 4 points out of seventh.

That’s a great turnaround in anyone’s books. I am proud of how everyone from the fans to the players for sticking together when times were tough.

When people or teams are going through a downturn it is easy to point fingers and apportion blame, but it is those teams and individuals that are a part of that team who stick together and push forwards to achieve their common goal that will ultimately succeed.

The job is far far FAR from done, but we’ve garnered some much needed momentum of late and we will be looking to take that into our remaining fixtures this season starting with this coming Friday night (7:30pm) at the DIA, which is going to be a HUGE night.



Firstly, off the ice we will be hosting our first ever Pride Night, but secondly we are playing our rival team who are just ahead of us in the standings.

We will wear our great Pride Jerseys that will then be auctioned off post game with myself and every player one by one.

As with every game, we hope to give the fans a great experience and an enjoyable night out so please take this opportunity to bring along a work colleague, friend, family member and introduce them to this fantastic Club and sport.

We know the Clan fans will travel in good numbers and will be loud, so I expect the same if not more from all of you Stars fans – what an atmosphere Friday is going to be, I cannot wait!

That’s all from me just now, but I look forward to seeing you all this coming Friday evening at the Dundee Ice Arena (7.30pm) for what is going to be a huge game. Bring a friend, and bring the noise – the guys love it when the barn is busy AND loud!


Buy your tickets HERE for our next home game versus Glasgow Clan, Friday 24th January, face off 7.30pm


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