Hi Stars fans,

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping themselves safe during this crazy time we’re all living through presently!

I cannot imagine what people are feeling that have lost loved ones due to this awful virus. From everyone at the club, we offer our sincere condolences.

For the people working at NHS and the front line key workers -THANK YOU. You guys are true heroes!

I imagine in the last few weeks, we have all taken some time to reflect. For us at the Stars, we have taken this time to prepare for what will be the excitement of getting hockey back.

From an on-ice and off-ice standpoint, we are looking at every day as an opportunity to get better.

Going to live sporting events might be second on people’s mind right now but our main objective is to be ready to give the best event we can to our fans when the time does come to get things back up and running again.


Friday Night Show:

I would also like to take time to say thank you to everyone that has tuned into our live Friday night show.

We have had some great feedback so far and it’s always fun to catch-up with past and current players. I enjoy doing them as I think it allows you, the fans, to maybe see a different side of the players than you’re used to, so hopefully you will all keep tuning in such great numbers.

I have to pay a special thanks to the team @ Stars TV – they have done a simply superb job with the IT side of things and general logistics – they really do a fantastic job for this Club.



Beauregard Back:

As everyone is aware, the big news last week was the re-signing of Anthony Beauregard.

Simply put, we are extremely excited to have him back. He is the perfect example of the kind of players we want in Dundee – talented, great work ethic and determined to succeed.

Beau is not the biggest player in terms of his size, but his will and motivation makes him play double his size.

In the second half of the season, we saw him really step up his game and he proved to be a hugely positive influence on the team.

He had options elsewhere, but he loved this past season in Dundee and I for one am delighted he will be back wearing the Stars jersey next season!


Anthony Beauregard, Dundee Stars,

Season Ticket Information:

We have had several enquiries regarding season tickets for this upcoming season. As you will all be acutely aware, season ticket revenues are vital for the Club, they help us establish what our player budget for the following season is likely to be.

These last few years, we have been able to increase our playing budget gradually due to nearly doubling our season ticket holders from the previous 3 years.

For any fan out there who might be concerned about renewing their season ticket, it is important to know that your money is secured until the season starts up and should the 20/21 season not take place (worst case scenario) then you will be issued with a full refund or your season ticket money can be carried into the following season. It will be entirely your choice.



Early bird Extension

Due to Covid-19, we have decided to push the early Bird Season ticket deadline back until June 30th. It is important as a Club we take into consideration everything that is going on and to offer the best package for a longer period of time.

Click HERE to see all season ticket information.

Finally, I look forward to Friday when we get another exciting guest on our LIVE show at 7pm. This week’s guest will be Fabrizio Ricci. So remember to get your questions in during the LIVE show.

See you all then


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