With week one of practice done, the next challenge ahead for the Trade-Mart Dundee Stars is two preseason exhibition matches against their Tayside Rivals, Fife Flyers – a challenge Brendan Harms and the rest of the team have been eagerly awaiting.

By Kris Smith

Harms, 28, has been pleased with the good start that he and his teammates have made to the preseason camp but also with the great character of everyone, on and off the ice.

He said: “It has been a really good start, we have a really good group of guys but not just good hockey players, good people too.

“We are really starting to mesh together well and, on the ice, too, we are starting to get the hang of things, because everyone was a little rough in the first few days as we got back into it but especially today and yesterday things are starting to go pretty well.”

Over the five different on-ice training sessions, Head Coach, Marc LeFebvre has kept his forward lines the same and so far, it looks to be working well up and down the roster, as players have been gelling quickly and combining well.

Sharing his experience of being on the yellow line with Spencer Naas and Carter Johnson this week, Harms said: “We have been together with the same guys since day one, so it has been nice and we are starting to get more familiar with each other every day.

“Although, I think most of us have either played with or against each other somewhere down the line, so it is just about getting used to each other and more comfortable as the days go on.”



The main standout from team practices has been the speed and tempo of the players during the drills and Brendan also discussed how the team’s pace will be a key part to their tactics this year.

He added: “It looks like we have a lot of speed, definitely up front and we have some big defenseman who can really move as well.

“So, that is going to be a big a part of our game this year, playing with a lot of speed, getting in on the forecheck hard and being tough to play against.

“Anytime we can use our speed in practice is just really driving it into us and getting us into shape, especially in the first few days.”

Finally, the Canadian talked about his and the rest of the players excitement to not only get back into game action but also to get their first taste of the Stars fans at the DIA on Sunday night.

Brendan commented: “For the first game, we just want to focus on getting used to everyone and getting into a game situation again.

“Any game we play we want to win but it is just about getting used to the systems, our line-mates and our teammates, but once we come home, we are super excited to play in front of our fans and just get to have that first Dundee experience, because we are all really looking forward to it.”

You can watch Brendan and the rest of the team make their 2023-2024 home ice debut this Sunday against Fife Flyers. Get your tickets HERE!

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