By Kris Smith

Following a great rookie season for Craig Garrigan, the forward has spent his summer working hard on and off the ice to improve and put himself in a prime position for the season ahead.

The 21-year old was told by Omar Pacha that there was a huge chance for him this offseason to improve and stake a claim for more ice time.

Garrigan loved his first season of professional hockey and it was even more special for the winger to be playing in his hometown.

“I loved every moment of last season, obviously being my first professional season, I thought it started off slower but I knew that I was less experienced than the other guys in the room”, said Craig.

“However, it was just great to be out there learning from all the guys that had more experience and they all helped me to improve my game.

“Being around better players just helped me a lot more, I saw that as the season went along, I progressed a lot more.”


The ex-Monifieth High School pupil has spent all summer working alongside fellow hometown heroes, Kris Inglis and Jordan Cownie to get themselves ready for the preseason training camp.

Garrigan added:

“Last season I was in shape, but during training camp Omar stressed that everyone needs to be in shape before camp, not coming into camp to get into shape.

“So, I am just working to be in shape before then and hit the ground running.

“Myself, Jordan and Kris have been off the ice doing sprint work with our physio Airlie.

“We have also been lucky enough to have ice-time near enough, every day, every week to work on stuff on the ice too.

“Plus, Omar gives us a few drills to work on as well. So, it is just a day by day process to get ourselves ready for the new season.”

The former Dundee Stars Juniors player netted two goals that gave Stars an important home win over Nottingham Panthers in January but has set his goals around helping the team as much as he can this year.

“My personal goals, as a forward, I would like to get more points than last season but mainly I just want to try and contribute as much as I can towards the team, not necessarily scoring or creating goals but progressing with my defensive zone work”, said Garrigan.

With the new season almost upon us, the Dundonian is relishing at the chance to play in front of his fellow citizens once again.

“I’m excited to play in front of the home crowd again, that was something I really loved last season.

“Coming back from America and Canada, it was really exciting to be playing in front of the home crowd and especially my family and friends.

“Every home game the ice rink was rocking and every game was exciting and I am looking forward to getting back out in front of them.”

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