By Kris Smith

Jordan Cownie was highlighted as the best under 23 British player in the entire Elite League last season and the centreman’s progression under Omar Pacha has become more and more noticeable.

The 24-year-old had his best season in the Elite League last campaign despite the club failing to make the playoffs, but Cownie knows the club moved forward again last year.

He said: “I think last season as a whole was definitely another positive step for the club, everyone is working hard to push the club in the right direction.

“There is no secret that we were all disappointed not to make that final push for the playoffs but I feel like over the summer Omar has done a very good job recruiting a team that looks like, from my time in Dundee, the strongest team we have had yet.

“So, going forward it looks positive and I am excited to get going.”



Jordan has been training all summer with his fellow Dundonians, Kris Inglis and Craig Garrigan and has focused on improving small parts of his game, identified by Pacha, to progress his overall game.

“I think the biggest thing for me was after last season, me and Pach sat down, had a good chat and we pointed out a couple of little parts of my game that I could work on”, said Cownie.

“That obviously comes from being on the ice every day through the summer and being in the gym as well.

“So, I feel like I am coming into the new season a lot stronger, a lot faster and also a lot mentally stronger which can be positive and hopefully that shows a reflection on the ice.”

The St Johns High School graduate has concentrated on getting himself in shape for the start of preseason but he is yet to set any personal goals, leaving his focus on helping the team secure that lucrative playoff spot.

Cownie added:

“I have not set anything personally so far, realistically it is just about getting myself in the best shape possible to come into camp at the start of the season.

“Team wise, obviously we push for the same one every year, its that playoff spot and with it being a ten-team league this year that is going to be even tougher.

“So overall, we just want to be competing in every game and pushing towards that playoff spot.”

The St-Marys lad made a return to Tayside in 2017 and has loved every game he has played in front of his Dundonian peers.

Jordan is excited and raring to get back out there and said:

“It’s great, I mean they all have a soft spot for us Dundee lads, so playing in front of those guys every weekend is cool.

“I am sure they appreciate all the hard work we put in over the off-season as well, so come puck-drop, the three of us will for sure be ready to go.”

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