The Kitmart Dundee Stars are delighted to announce the re-signing of defenseman, Kris Inglis for the 2020-2021 Elite League campaign.

The Dundee-born defender has signed a new deal that will keeping him playing at the DIA for another year.

He first joined the Stars in 2016 while he continued playing with the Scottish National League side, Dundee Comets on a two-way contract and also icing with the Dundee Stars Under 20’s.

Kris has developed a lot over the past four years and has become an integral part of the Stars defence core.

Last season, Inglis picked up six assists and featured in 26 matches, after a tough year of battling injuries.

The 22-year-old also boasts two winners medals after helping the Comets to lift both the 2017-2018 SNL League and Playoff Championships.



After signing Inglis up for his fifth season at the DIA, Dundee Stars Head Coach, Omar Pacha said: “Kris has been a vital part of our team over the last few years and he has really shown a lot of improvement.

“Last year, he had a strange season where he was in and out of the line-up but I really thought that when he was out of the line-up, you saw the importance of having him as a steady defenseman.

“He really put himself out there as a steady and effective defenseman and this year I think it is really important for him to take the next step and to continue his improvement.

“Kris is still really young but we really want to see his improvement this year more than ever and we are really confident that he is able to take that next step.

The Stars boss has also been delighted with how much the young blueliner has progressed, while under his management in the last three seasons.

Pacha added: “I am really pleased with his development but as I said, last year he was just really unfortunate with injury troubles and that was the year that we thought he would not only have a good year but also take the next step.

“Although, we do still think he progressed but he just did not play enough games in my opinion to really take that step but I am confident that he will this year.

“You saw last season when he was in the line-up, he was really effective and he did all the little things right.

“He has been with this organisation since 2015, as a player practising with the team but I really feel that over the past three years he has made significant progress.

“You especially saw it when he was missing from the line-up, you just felt he was a massive part of the team and especially with the start he had to the year.”

As Inglis has continued to improve, Pacha has also expanded his plans for him and wants Kris to take on a bigger role in the coming season.

He said: “I really want to expand his role on the team and be able to use him in different situations.

“I think for him, the big thing is trying to stay healthy all year and to be consistent in his play because I believe that consistency is one of the key things that all young defenseman have to work on.

“Kris has got all the tools; he skates well, he can be physical, he reads the play really well but he is one of those guys that needs to stay healthy and he will learn by playing more games, which will help him to improve on every aspect of his game.

“We really want him to be solid defensively but also we want him to gain confidence and play our style and brand of hockey because we want to have our defenders joining the rush and other things like that.”

After penning his new deal, Kris added: “I am delighted!

“Dundee is my home and the feeling of playing for this club is such an honour.

“I am glad things are slowly beginning to get back to normal in this country and the prospect of the season starting before the end of the year is very exciting!

“It’s never a difficult decision to play in Dundee for another season and with recently graduating from university, I am excited to be able to completely invest myself in hockey and to bettering myself as a player.”

Inglis is also glad to be putting last season’s injury plagued campaign behind him and is focusing on being strong and fully fit for the new season.

He said: “For me, I am glad that I am able to put last season behind me.

“Missing so many games through an injury was extremely difficult and to just miss out on the top eight, despite having a good run at the end of the season was gutting.

“Also, having such a long break from hockey is tough as I miss being on the ice doing and what I love.

“On the plus side it has given me more time to focus on complete recovery from my injury and more time to work out before next season.

“Also, it means I got more time on the golf course haha!”

When the new season begins, it will be his fourth year of working with Head Coach Pacha and so far Kris has enjoyed his time under the Canadian.

“Playing under coach Pach is great”, he said.



Inglis continued: “There is a fine line between being tough but fair and he balances it well.

“Pach gave me my first real opportunity to play some serious minutes two years ago and it meant a lot to get that opportunity.

“If I can stay fit and work even harder than previous years then I am sure I will keep improving and will strive to make this club as successful as possible!”

Kris is our seventh signing of the summer and joins Craig Garrigan, Anthony Beauregard, Connor Sills, Michael Poirier, Brett Orr and Craig Moore on the roster for next season.

You can get your season tickets to watch these seven players and the rest of the team in the 2020-2021 campaign by contacting: [email protected]

Inglis will again wear #11 for the Stars.

To see Kris’s career stats on Elite Prospects click HERE.

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