With the recent government announcements and teams being placed in Covid protocols, our plans have had to change dramatically.


As everyone connected and engaged with our great sport of ice hockey will know, we rely heavily on ticket sales at the games.

Professional ice hockey in the UK is essentially nothing without our fans and with a limit of 200 people recently imposed on us by the Government, it puts both the Dundee Stars and Fife Flyers in very serious financial danger to keep both clubs pushing on.

Since the announcement on Tuesday (21st Dec 2021), we have approached Sport Scotland as well as local councilors and MSP’s to request funding to get us through this difficult period of time.

Fulfilling Fixtures

Behind the scenes, we will continue to aggressively pursue the necessary funds to get out of this 3-week period of restriction imposed on us.

That being said,  both clubs have full intention of fulfilling fixtures during the restricted period of time, aside from mentioned games below .

This is the best decision for our players, staff, partners and most importantly our fans.  Both clubs are confident and have full aspirations of pushing past this extremely challenging period of time.

We will be communicating updates with regards to our tickets sales and details of our game night in the upcoming days. Please keep your eyes peeled on the usual channels – club website and all social media platforms.

On a final note, the Stars and Flyers will be rescheduling both Christmas games (Dec 26 in Dundee- Dec 28 in Fife) where crowds are at their highest and in turn, revenues at their strongest.

We will be announcing these rescheduled games in due course.

We thank all of our fans for your continued support at this very challenging time.


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