Kitmart Dundee Stars forward, Justin Maylan was delighted to be a part of last Sunday’s Pink the Rink event to raise money for Breast Cancer Now and he is thankful to all the fans for their support towards the team and a great cause.

By Kris Smith

Following Sunday’s match, Justin had this to say about the Pink the Rink night: “It was a great evening, anytime you can be part of something like that is kind of surreal.

“You never think about how hockey can do so much for such a good cause but anytime we can do that as players or as an organisation, we love to.”

The 28-year-old is in his first season with the Stars and its his first in the UK but Maylan has played nearly 10 years of professional hockey and has seen some very different ways to support charities through hockey during his career.

He was able to recall one example that really stood out to him: “I remember when I was in California with Stockton Thunder and I was playing my first year of pro and the ice was pink for the whole month of November.

“So that was something that was pretty cool but every team tries to do their own thing and it is great to see.”



Omar Pacha and his players were disappointed to not get a victory on the special occasion but Maylan and the rest of the players remain confident of getting out of this dip in form.

Justin said: “We are getting better each game, obviously the results aren’t there but I think that at the beginning of the year we were playing too loose and now we are tightening it up.

“Recently we were just finding ways to lose the game but teams go through ups and downs throughout the season and this is definitely a down for us but we know have the right guys in the room and the right coach to get out of it.

“We just have to stick to our game plan and dig a bit deeper and once the bounces start going our way then this will look like a little blip on the radar.”

The Stars fans are being commended by the club for their great support of another great cause and Maylan has also praised the fans for their tremendous support throughout this tough time.

The Calgary-born centreman added: “I’m pleasantly surprised with how well they support us because obviously these are tough times but they are one of the loudest fan groups in the league and we certainly appreciate them.

“All I can say to them is that this is almost rock bottom so things will only get better, starting this weekend.

“We appreciate them because it takes a true fan to support us when we are down.”

Face off time for this Saturday’s home game against Manchester is at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased HERE!

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