The Kitmart Dundee Stars are excited to announce the renewal of our partnership with the University of Dundee, School of Business

Omar Pacha commented; ” The University of Dundee is a prestigious school and we are privileged to be associated with such an outstanding institution.”

” As a club, we believe the business program is a major tool in attracting highly skilled hockey players, who become proud ambassadors of the University.”

” The past players who have attended the University have spoken highly of their experience and how the programme progressed their off-ice skillset.”

” The club believes all players should have a plan B after their professional career and having a strong partnership with the University, allows the organisation to attract players that are interested in helping the Stars on the ice whilst preparing to adapt to life in a post-hockey world.”

” We look forward to strengthening our relationship again this year and for many years to come.”


Kitmart Dundee Stars player and University of Dundee, Business School alumni Drydn Dow with Morris Altman, Dean University of Dundee Business School


Elizabeth Monks, Associate Dean, Eduaction, Learning and Teaching School of Business, University of Dundee added;

“The relationship that the University of Dundee School of Business has developed with the Dundee Stars, Dundee’s professional ice hockey team is a point of pride for the School and is part and parcel of our ongoing commitment to our community.”

“Sports is fundamentally important to Dundee. We hope that our School’s scholarship programme for Stars’ athletes will contribute towards attracting top players to our community and strengthen the relationship between sports and education, which is fundamentally important to the long term well being of our athletes.”

“The Stars scholars are a welcome addition to our student experience, as they bring a different perspective to the classroom environment.”

“Their insight as professional athletes offers all students an exciting opportunity to explore how coaching, leadership, and management can be applied in a real-world situation.”

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