The Kitmart Dundee Stars in partnership with Developing the Young Workforce Dundee & Angus (DYW) are delighted to announce that we have chosen our candidates to become mentees.

Aaron Blake has won the opportunity to become a mentee with the Kitmart Dundee Stars for a 6-month period and Breann Mitchell has won the opportunity to become a mentee for a 3-month period.

Both of these young people will be mentored by GM and Head Coach of the Kitmart Dundee Stars, supported by Commercial and Community Manager Michael Ward and Community Officer Stephen Swann.

The mentees will be encouraged to keep a diary, blog, vlog and take pictures throughout their learning journey, that will enable them to finalise a report at the conclusion of each of their mentorship period.

Developing the Young Workforce Dundee and Angus team said, “We wish to congratulate Aaron Blake and Breann Mitchell on their successful applications for the Dundee Stars Mentorship programme. We are delighted that two young people are being given this opportunity where they will be equipped with skillsets needed for the workplace and given contextualized learning opportunities through being involved in various parts of the Dundee Stars business. We also want to thank Dundee Stars for providing this opportunity which will help the young people involved make decisions about their future career.”



Omar Pacha said: “We were impressed with all the shortlisted candidates and we thank those who entered the competition for their time and effort applying.”

“The successful mentees will get the chance to experience different aspects of the Kitmart Dundee Stars business and team, allowing them to interact with a wide range of roles and help them make an educated choice about their next steps in life.”

“Running a successful professional sporting team takes input from a vast array of experts, so this is a way of getting insight in a compressed way that could truly help shape their future career path.”

“Everyone at the Kitmart Dundee Stars look forward to welcoming Aaron and Breann to Dundee Ice Arena and the Stars family.”

“The mentees, along with our new marketing intern Jack Crerar will all gain confidence, while developing better communication and digital skills, that can translate to future employability and studies.”

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