Trade-Mart Dundee Stars Head Coach and Director of Hockey Operations, Marc LeFebvre has shared an insight to his recruitment process and to how that process works as he continues to build a team to challenge for silverware.

By Kris Smith

The Stars have the foundations of this season’s roster laid down and the rest of LeFebvre’s project is starting to come together but the process of recruitment is not always a quick one.

LeFebvre commented: “Well the market changes every day, so I get emails, phone calls and text messages throughout the day about new players who become available.

“Like last week, Johnny (Walker) just became available at the start of the week and we were able to get that done right away and he was not on my radar in the first two months, just because he was not on any agents lists or I was not contacted.

“So, these things change everyday and we are making progress but it just comes down to making sure these guys are the right pieces to the puzzle and fit what we want to do here.

“It is one of those things that comes slowly but surely, so I am always reaching out to my contacts in North America and Europe, using my network and my contacts to make sure we get the right guys.”



Hours of studying numbers, watching game tape and phone calls all accumulate into days and weeks as players and agents deliberate over offers, leaving coaches waiting patiently for the all-important outcome.

Discussing his recruitment process, the Canadian Coach said: “Well they have to fit what we are looking for first of all, so when I get the name across, he has to fit the criteria for what we want, which means you are looking at numbers and the analytical side of stuff first.

“Then you move onto video and if he still fits that mould of what you are looking for then you start doing the reference checks and the background checks, then you can reach out to the agent, see if it is a yes or a no.

“If it is a yes then obviously you start negotiations from there and have conversations with the player, it is a bit of a process, but we have had offers out for some players now for about two to three weeks and they things take time.

“It would be easier if they were all like Johnny but everyone is different in their process, whether they are bringing a partner or their family over, or they coming on their own.

“Everyone has their own process on how they want to do things and how they want to sign, and how quickly they sign.

“So, the process is just a step-by-step thing, obviously it starts with identifying the right kind of player and doing the research on them, then obviously you want to make sure you are talking to the player and the agent, and making sure it is a good deal for the club but also the player as well.”

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All images: Derek Black.

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