The Trade-Mart Dundee Stars are delighted to announce that long-time Star and blueline stalwart, Drydn Dow is stepping up to join Jeff Mason’s coaching team as the Player-Assistant Coach.

This will be Drydn’s first coaching role but he has been a leader on this team for a number of years and has put in a lot of hard work to help the club continually grow.

After selecting the 29-year-old Canadian to be his number two, Stars GM and Head Coach, Mason said: “Drydn has been in Dundee now for a number of years and has experience in the league and experience with the club here in Dundee.

“That is something I will be able to lean on, especially as this is my first time here in Dundee as a coach, so from a lot of logistical standpoints and learning how things worked in the past, he will be a great guy to learn from.

“He will also head up the strength and conditioning part of our team and be in charge of that department and running our sessions.

“He has done that in the past for the team, so it was natural for him to continue on with that and to have the title of Assistant Coach makes it more official.


Picture: Derek Black.


“Drydn is someone who has had success in this league, has been a top d-man in this league and so I will certainly rely on him for bouncing ideas off of and as someone who has been in Dundee for a while, he knows the city and the fanbase well and he will be a great support system for me as we get going.”

As Dow takes his first steps into coaching, Mason also shared how invaluable this experience can be for players as they start to think about potentially coaching after they retire.

He explained: “It is extremely invaluable experience you get with that role and in the past I have had experiences where we have had player-assistant coaches and as much as a help they are to the coaching staff, it really is an opportunity for them to learn that side of the game.

“I know Drydn is someone who expressed interest in wanting to get into coaching once his playing career was done and it is a lot different and there is a lot going on.

“So, to be able to dip his toes into the water and learn this side of the game whilst he is still playing, is something I think will be really beneficial to him for when he eventually does stop playing and hopefully gets into coaching.”


Picture: Derek Black.


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All pictures: Derek Black.

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