The Trade-Mart Dundee Stars ended their three-game pointless run with a thrilling battle in Nottingham and pulled off a stunning comeback in the penalty shootout to take the extra point.

By Kris Smith

The Stars would have to deal with being short benched when they arrived in Nottingham as Kris Inglis, Sean Allen and James Phelan all missed out through injury, whilst the Panthers were one player shy of a full line-up.

After a poor start last night, the Stars again gave up an early goal as Oliver Betteridge was left unmarked on the edge of the crease and turned Didrik Henbrant’s pass into the net, after only two minutes.

However, the Stars would not let history repeat itself and went straight on the hunt for an equaliser but it would take some time to find a way past Mike Robinson in the Panthers net.

Eventually in the 17th minute, Ryan Valentini played Spencer Naas down the left wing and he elected to shoot from a tight angle but would see his shot land in the back of the net after the puck snuck past Robinson’s head and into the top corner.

The two teams would head into the first break still tied but Dundee had generated the most chances as they continued to push for goals and early in the second session, Carter Johnson got the Tayside team ahead.



The Canadian used a Panthers defender as a screen as he released a shot between the defenseman’s legs and high past Robinson on 23 minutes.

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All images: Panthers Images.

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