The Trade-Mart Dundee Stars final game of the season saw them welcome Belfast Giants to Tayside, just 24 hours after they lifted the Elite League trophy for the third year in a row and both teams wanted to end the regular season on a high.

By Kris Smith

The Stars switched goalies as Anton Svensson went back into the crease, in place of Brython Preece, whilst the Giants dropped Tyler Beskorowany after his title clinching performance on Saturday night and went with Jackson Whistle between the pipes, with Andrew Dickson backing him up.

The Northern Irish side were a bit sluggish to start and Dundee were quick to capitalise on that as in only the second minute, Toms Rutkis opened the scoring with a tap in, after a smart pass from Ian Parker had taken Whistle and the Giants defence out of place.

Jeff Mason’s men then continued to hound the Giants net with shots but Whistle would be harder to beat, but at the other end, Belfast were up to their usual tricks and finding ways in behind the Stars back-line with numerous long-range and lofted passes.

Svensson had played well to keep out a few dangerous chances from the champions but they would finally sneak one past him to tie the game on 17 minutes, as Will Cullen’s backhanded effort slipped between the legs of the Swede and across the line.

Tied at one-a-piece after one period, the second session was a much different showing as the Stars got back on top and again they were quick to score, but their second goal would be a shorthanded one.



Goalkeeper, Svensson had put his side on the penalty kill after firing the puck out of play in his own end but despite being a man down, the Tayside team were the ones creating all the chances and in the 23rd minute, Elijiah Barriga put Dundee back in front.

The two teams then went back and forth for the rest of the middle stanza and the Giants continued with their plan to give everyone ice time as at the halfway point they swapped Whistle out for Dickson and he would play the rest of the match.

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All images: Derek Black.

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