The Kitmart Dundee Stars last week appointed veteran EIHL forward, Matt Marquardt as captain for the 2019/20 season.

By Kris Smith

The 32-year old began his second captaincy role last week and it could not have been a better start for Marquardt and his teammates.

However, getting positive results was all that mattered to the new team leader.

Matt said: “We won, that is the only thing matters.

“It doesn’t matter who’s captain – what matters is, we got the job done, we got our points and now we are looking forward to this weekend.”

Marquardt has talked all week long about how honoured he is to be chosen as the captain for the club.

He added: “It’s an honour, anytime you get to be named captain or leader of team, especially with the group we have.

“They have put their trust in me to do the job but at the same time we have a lot of leadership here.

“We lead by committee and a lot of guys have been captains in the past.”

Despite being chosen to lead the team for this season, the Canadian insists nothing has changed about his daily routine or game preparations.

Matt continued: “There is nothing different about my process or preparation, it’s all the same.

“Last year my role was player-assistant coach and that included being a leader as well.”



Marquardt and Stars head coach, Omar Pacha share a vision for future of the club and have done so since before he joined the organisation in the summer of 2018.

The winger agreed and continued: “That was the conversation last year before I even came here.

“There was the opportunity to be a player-assistant coach of a team that wanted to turn things around and build a culture here.

“Whilst also establishing an identity as a team that is on the rise and a team that is not going to get pushed around or is going to be satisfied or complacent with bad results.

“You saw what happened last year and I think we deserve better, we should have made the playoffs, we deserved to make the playoffs but those things happen in hockey.

“We beat every team in the league and did a great job at home and on the road, which is something that I don’t think has happened here in a long time.

“Then the opportunity to come back here and build off last season arose – it was a no brainer!

“I expressed my desire to be back this season and we were able to get that done in a quick fashion over the offseason.

“It was really exciting to be back and it was a good motivator for the offseason, knowing where I was going to be and being able to prepare for coming back to Dundee.

“I am excited to be here again and ready to push to make things better here at the Stars.”

The Stars begin their Elite League campaign this Saturday away to Manchester Storm before facing the Fife Flyers on Sunday at the DIA, in the first derby of the new season.

Get your tickets for Sunday’s massive home game HERE!

There will also be a Foodbank collection at Sunday’s match, doors open at 4pm and the match will start at 5pm.

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