The Kitmart Dundee Stars are excited to continue our latest social media project to celebrate the club’s historic 20th season and you! The fans - get to choose who should be in our coveted all-time starting six line-up.

We start this week by asking you to vote for who should be starting on the left wing of our starting six and today’s article introduces you to the first eight of the 16 candidates selected by the club.

So far, Dan Bakala has been voted the starting netminder and defending the blueline in front of him is, Drydn Dow and Scott Young.

However, you can send in your own suggestions for other players we have not listed by using #StarsStartingSix.

Tomorrow, we will release information about our second set of candidates and your chance to make another part of Stars history will begin on Thursday when the first round of voting opens.

Depending on how many candidates make it into the vote, a certain number of forwards will move on into the final vote but before then, we will be giving you some more information to help you make your pick.

So, lets meet the first eight candidates that were lighting the lamp from the left side in a Stars jersey.


Candidate 1: AJ MacLean

Seasons Played: 2010/2011, 2011/2012 & 2012/2013

Age When Playing for the Stars: 27-30

Birthplace: Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 6 Feet

Weight: 170 Pounds

Shoots: Left Hand



League – GP: 151   G: 48   A: 48   P: 96   PIMS: 112

Cup – GP: 24   G: 10   A: 2   P: 12   PIMS: 25

Playoffs – GP: 4   G: 0   A: 0   P: 0   PIMS: 0

Summary: The former Stars captain left a massive impression on the club after his three years in Dundee but his team responsibilities never stopped him from also leading the offence.

The Canadian possessed a lot of pace and a lot skill and that made it hard for defenders to stop him creating an attack or finding a route to goal from the left side.




Candidate 2: Teeder Wynne

Seasons Played: 2001/2002 & 2002/2003

Age When Playing for the Stars: 27-29

Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 6 Feet

Weight: 181 Pounds

Shoots: Left Hand



League – GP: 80   G: 73   A: 100   P: 173   PIMS: 30

Cup – GP: 16   G: 16   A: 21   P: 37   PIMS: 12

Summary: The Canadian was an integral part to the club’s success in its early years and the winger was one of the main contributors to the team’s highly productive offence.

Wynne played with a fast game and used his pace down the wing to create a lot of the teams main goal-scoring chances but he also loved to beat the goaltender himself.




Candidate 3: Billy Bagron

Seasons Played: 2012/2013 & 2013/2014

Age When Playing for the Stars: 30-32

Born: Eagle River, Alaska

Nationality: American

Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches

Weight: 179 Pounds

Shoots: Left Hand



League – GP: 92   G: 24   A: 72   P: 96   PIMS: 60

Cup – GP: 18   G: 4   A: 7   P: 11   PIMS: 62

Playoffs – GP: 2   G: 0   A: 2   P: 2   PIMS: 2

Summary: Bagron was an integral part of the Stars first line in his rookie season in the Elite League and he would constantly combine with Mike Wirll and Sami Ryhanen for critical goals.

The American played an even bigger role the following season, as he continued a strong offensive output to help the club win their first Gardiner Conference trophy.




Candidate 4: Lou Dickenson

Seasons Played: 2014/2015

Age When Playing for the Stars: 32-33

Birthplace: Orleans, Ontario

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 6 Feet 2 Inches

Weight: 194 Pounds

Shoots: Left Hand



League – GP: 52   G: 25   A: 34   P: 59   PIMS: 14

Cup – GP: 10   G: 0   A: 6   P: 6   PIMS: 2

Playoffs – GP: 2   G: 1   A: 2   P: 3   PIMS: 0

Summary: Dickenson was the team’s main offensive output during the 2014/2015 season and he could cause a lot of trouble to the opposition from the left wing.

The Canadian loved to drive at the net but also had the awareness to pass to his teammates when they were in a better position.




Candidate 5: John Haig

Seasons Played: 2007/2008, 2008/2009 & 2009/2010

Age When Playing for the Stars: 34-37

Birthplace: Kirkcaldy

Nationality: Scottish

Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches

Weight: 154 Pounds

Shoots: Left Hand



League – GP: 46   G:46   A: 58    P: 104   PIMS: 23

Summary: Haig is a local ice hockey legend and after spending many years in Fife and scoring against the Stars, he quickly turned the table and was hammering them past his former employers.

The Scot played with a lot of skill and tenacity and when he was on his game, no one could stop him from finding the net and he usually found it more than once in a match.




Candidate 6: Igor Gongalsky

Seasons Played: 2014/2015

Age When Playing for the Stars: 27-28

Birthplace: Kiev

Nationality: Ukrainian

Height: 6 Feet

Weight: 220 Pounds

Shoots: Left Hand



League – GP: 49   G: 13   A: 14   P: 27   PIMS: 164

Cup – GP: 10   G: 2   A: 1   P: 3   PIMS: 14

Summary:  Gongalsky was a strong and physical winger who’s job was to use his body to win back possession for the team.

The big Ukrainian was a standout favourite on the team and his style of play often ignited the fans.




Candidate 7: Kevin Dufour

Seasons Played: 2019/2020

Age When Playing for the Stars: 27

Birthplace: Québec, Quebec

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 6 Feet

Weight: 196 Pounds

Shoots: Left Hand



League – GP: 48   G: 25   A: 21   P: 46   PIMS: 10

Cup – GP: 8   G: 7   A: 3   P: 10   PIMS: 10


Summary: Dufour quickly showed off his goalscoring talent and over the course of last season, he proved just how much quality he has going forward.

The Canadian made a lot of key passes that resulted in goals but he also often scored the key goals that wrapped up the two points for the team.




Candidate 8: Jimmy Jensen 

Seasons Played: 2017/2018

Age When Playing for the Stars: 29-30

Birthplace: Södertälje

Nationality: Swedish

Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches

Weight: 196 Pounds

Shoots: Left Hand



League – GP: 55   G: 17   A: 16   P: 33   PIMS: 22

Cup – GP: 7   G: 4   A: 2   P: 6   PIMS: 2


Summary: Jensen provided a lot of the Stars offensive contributions in the 2017/2018 campaign and he linked well with his friend and fellow Swede, Johan Andersson.

The Swede could make the key passes from out on the wing or he would burst forward and get in behind against some of the best defenders in the league.




GP – Games Played

G – Goals

A – Assists

P – Points  

PIMS – Penalty Minutes

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