The Kitmart Dundee Stars are excited to continue our latest social media project to celebrate the club’s historic 20th season and you! The fans - get to choose who should be in our coveted all-time starting six line-up.

We continue this week by asking you to vote for who should be starting on the left wing of our starting six and today’s article introduces you to the last eight of the 16 candidates selected by the club.

So far, Dan Bakala has been voted the starting netminder and defending the blueline in front of him are, Drydn Dow and Scott Young.

However, you can send in your own suggestions for other players we have not listed by using #StarsStartingSix.

Tomorrow, we will release more information about each of our candidates and your chance to make another part of Stars history will begin on Thursday when the first round of voting opens.

Depending on how many candidates make it into the vote, a certain number of forwards will move on into the final vote but before then, we will be giving you some more information to help you make your pick.

So, lets meet the other eight candidates that were lighting the lamp from the left side in a Stars jersey.


Candidate 1: Jason Shmyr

Seasons Played: 2003/2004 & 2004/2005

Age When Playing for the Stars: 28-30

Birthplace: Fairview, Alberta

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 6 Feet 4 Inches

Weight: 220 Pounds

Shoots: Left Hand



League – GP: 71   G: 25   A: 50   P: 75   PIMS: 343

Cup – GP: 12   G: 1   A: 5   P: 6   PIMS: 24

Playoffs – GP: 25   G: 7   A: 17   P: 24   PIMS: 68

Summary: Shmyr was a big power forward who knew how to use both his body and his stick, if he was not lining up his next hit to ignite the crowd, then he would usually be found lurking around the net.

The Canadian is fondly remembered more for his penalties than his goals but he played a vital role, leading the team to secure the 2004/2005 British National League Playoff Championship.




Candidate 2: Jerry Pollastrone

Seasons Played: 2013/2014

Age When Playing for the Stars: 27

Birthplace: Revere, Massachusetts

Nationality: American

Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches

Weight: 190 Pounds

Shoots: Left Hand



League – GP: 38   G: 21   A: 28   P: 49   PIMS: 58

Cup – GP: 10   G: 4   A: 8   P: 12   PIMS: 4

Summary: Despite not even finishing his only year in Dundee, Pollastrone made a massive impact on the Stars squad that season and he was key to the team’s early success that season.

After the American was snapped up by Swedish Allsvenskan side, Mora IK halfway through the Gardiner Conference winning season, his explosive speed and deadly finishing were clearly absent from the team but it was not enough to derail Dundee that year.




Candidate 3: Mikael Lidhammar

Seasons Played: 2015/2016 & 2016/2017

Age When Playing for the Stars: 27-29

Born: Luleå

Nationality: Swedish

Height: 6 Feet

Weight: 201 Pounds

Shoots: Left Hand



League – GP: 102   G: 26   A: 48   P: 74   PIMS: 105

Cup – GP: 17   G: 4   A: 3   P: 7   PIMS: 31

Playoffs – GP: 5   G: 1   A: 0   P: 1   PIMS: 2

Summary: A very tough and grinding player, Lidhammar was a player you hated to play against but loved when he wore the Stars jersey and he formed one part of an iconic front three (Lidhammar, Brett Switzer and Justin Faryna).

The Swede did all the dirty work required for the team to win and was also able to contribute offensively, especially in those big moments.




Candidate 4: Fabrizio Ricci

Seasons Played: 2018/2019

Age When Playing for the Stars: 23-24

Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 6 Feet 2 Inches

Weight: 205 Pounds

Shoots: Left Hand



League – GP: 60   G:17   A: 22    P: 39   PIMS: 40

Cup – GP: 7   G:1   A: 2    P: 3   PIMS: 6

Summary: Ricci brought a lot of speed to the team and his end-to-end play gave the Stars a lot more options for their attacking plays.

The Canadian also had an eye for goal and another for flair and when those eyes focused on the same puck, he scored some excellent goals.




Candidate 5: Dainius Bauba

Seasons Played: 2003/2004

Age When Playing for the Stars: 31-32

Birthplace: Kaunas

Nationality: Lithuanian

Height: 6 Feet

Weight: 196 Pounds

Shoots: Right Hand



League – GP: 35   G: 18   A: 30   P: 48   PIMS: 122

Playoffs – GP: 10   G: 3   A: 4   P: 7   PIMS: 26

Summary: Bauba was a great playmaker and was wasted no time in making an impression on the Stars fan base.

The Lithuanian’s performances were consistent and he was a critical part to the team’s attacking threat in the 2003/2004 season.


Candidate 6: Lukas Lundvald

Seasons Played: 2017/2018 & 2018/2019

Age When Playing for the Stars: 22-24

Birthplace: Odense

Nationality: Danish

Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches

Weight: 157 Pounds

Shoots: Left Hand



League – GP: 83   G: 32   A: 40   P: 72   PIMS: 46

Cup – GP: 8   G: 0   A: 2   P: 2   PIMS: 7

Summary: The gritty Dane got under everyone’s skin and could play a hard game but when he was not winding up the opposition, he would be battling in front of goal for a scoring position.

It was also clear how much he loved to score against Fife and you could always tell by his facial expressions and celebrations.




Candidate 7: Cale Tanaka

Seasons Played: 2016/2017

Age When Playing for the Stars: 30-31

Birthplace: Stouffville, Ontario

Nationality: Canadian/British

Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches

Weight: 181 Pounds

Shoots: Left Hand



League – GP: 47   G: 11   A: 21   P: 32   PIMS: 30

Cup – GP: 8   G: 4   A: 7   P: 11   PIMS: 4

Playoffs – GP: 3   G: 1   A: 2   P: 3   PIMS: 0

Summary: Tanaka was an established Elite League dangerman when he arrived in Dundee and his almost point-per-game tally shows that he provided a similar offensive threat in Dundee.

Known for tricky pace and fast, skilful hands, the British-Canadian provided a lot for the team both on and off the ice, as he helped the Stars reach their first ever Playoff Weekend in Nottingham.




Candidate 8: Matt Marquardt

Seasons Played: 2018/2019 & 2019/2020

Age When Playing for the Stars: 31-33

Birthplace: North Bay, Ontario

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 6 Feet 3 Inches

Weight: 231 Pounds

Shoots: Left Hand



League – GP: 107   G: 43   A: 47   P: 90   PIMS: 69

Cup – GP: 16   G: 8   A: 6   P: 14   PIMS: 12


Summary: The big Canadian towered over most of his opponents and easily fended off many who tried to take his puck and the Stars captain knew how to use his size to help the team.

Marquardt was also known for his cannon like first-time shots and in his two seasons in Dundee, he produced a lot for the team offensively.




GP – Games Played

G – Goals

A – Assists

P – Points 

PIMS – Penalty Minutes

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