The Kitmart Dundee Stars are excited to begin our latest social media project to celebrate the club’s historic 20th season. Where you! The fans - get to choose who should be in our coveted all-time starting six line-up.

We start this week by asking you to vote for who should be starting in between the pipes and today’s article introduces you to the first four of the eight candidates selected by the club.

However, you can send in your own suggestions for other players we have not listed by using #StarsStartingSix.

Tomorrow, we will release information about our second set of candidates and your chance to make Stars history will begin on Friday when the first round of voting opens at 12 noon.

Depending on how many candidates make it into the vote, a certain number of goalies will move on into Saturday’s final vote but before then, we will be giving you some more information to help you make your pick.

So, lets meet the first four candidates that were standout shot-stoppers whilst wearing the Stars jersey.


Candidate 1: Alex Leclerc

Seasons Played: 2019/2020

Age When Playing for the Stars: 24-25

Birthplace: Longueuil, Quebec

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches

Weight: 187 Pounds

Catches: Left Hand


Season Stats:

League – GP: 48   W-L: 18-30   GAA: 3.66   SV%: .896   SO: 0

Cup – GP: 8  W-L: 6-2   GAA: 2.51   SV%: .935   SO: 0

Season Summary: Leclerc played his first professional season in Dundee and made an impressive start as a rookie, as he helped by back-stopping the team to their first ever 1st place finish in the Challenge Cup Group Stage.

The Canadian had the ability to change the fate of a match with just one save and he gave the team the right support from the back of the ice to help them move forward and find success.





Candidate 2: Evan Lindsay

Seasons Played: 2004/2005

Age When Playing for the Stars: 25-26

Birthplace: Red Deer, Alberta

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 6 Feet 2 Inches

Weight: 187 Pounds

Catches: Right Hand


Season Stats:

League – GP: 32   W-L: 14-18   GAA: 3.68   SV%: .903

Playoffs – GP: 14   W-L: 8-6   GAA: 2.89   SV%: .918

Season Summary: Lindsay was a late arrival in Tayside but made a big impact when he joined the team and helped lead the Stars to their second British National League Playoff title in four years.

Not only was he a great shot-stopper, Lindsay was also able to help launch quick and dangerous attacks that the Stars clinical offence often took advantage of.




Candidate 3: Joe Fallon

Seasons Played: 2016/2017

Age When Playing for the Stars: 31-32

Birthplace: Bemidji, Minnesota

Nationality: American

Height: 6 Feet 3 Inches

Weight: 190 Pounds

Catches: Left Hand


Season Stats:

League – GP: 51   W-L: 20-31   GAA: 3.37   SV%: .896   SO: 3

Playoffs – GP: 3   W-L: 2-1   GAA: 1.35   SV%: .956   SO: 1

Cup – GP:10   W-L: 5-5   GAA: 2.69   SV%: .913   SO: 1

Season Summary: Fallon was a very experienced netminder that gave the team a solid last line of defence and helped push the Stars to their first ever Playoff Finals Weekend Appearance.

Despite his large frame, the American could move from side to side and recover for a second save against some of the league’s most dangerous and quick-minded offensive threats.




Candidate 4: Dan Bakala

Seasons Played: 2013/2014

Age When Playing for the Stars: 25-26

Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches

Weight: 185 Pounds

Catches: Left Hand


Season Stats:

League – GP: 52   W-L: 28-24   GAA: 2.66   SV%: .928   SO: 4

Playoffs – GP: 2   W-L: 0-2   GAA: 4.00   SV%: .881   SO: 0

Cup – GP: 10   W-L: 5-5   GAA: 2.64   SV%: .923   SO: 1

Season Summary: Bakala was a crucial part of that squad’s core and was the backbone in every win achieved on the road to the club’s first Gardiner Conference title.

After many extremely impressive performances in his debut European season and being named to the League’s First All-Star Team and as both the EIHL Netminder and Player of the Year, it launched the Canadian’s progression to the top levels of European hockey.




GP – Games Played

W – Wins

L – Losses

GAA – Goals Against Average

SV% – Save Percentage

SO – Shutouts

Remember to make your suggestions use #StarsStartingSix and #JoinTheDebate

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