The Kitmart Dundee Stars are excited to begin our latest social media project to celebrate the club’s historic 20th season and you! The fans - get to choose who should be in our coveted all-time starting six line-up.

Today we continue to introduce you to the candidates selected by the club to fill the position of goaltender in our starting six line-up but remember, you can send in your own suggestions for other players we have not listed by using #StarsStartingSix.

Tomorrow, we will release an article that ranks the keepers by their statistics and that can help you in making your choice when voting begins on Friday.

Depending on how many candidates make it into the vote, a certain number of goalies will move on into Saturday’s final vote and have a chance to become a part of a very special part of Stars history.

So, lets meet the other four candidates that were standout shot-stoppers whilst wearing the Stars jersey.


Candidate 5: Pontus Sjögren

Seasons Played: 2018/2029

Age When Playing for the Stars: 33-34

Birthplace: Stockholm

Nationality: Swedish

Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches

Weight: 174 Pounds

Catches: Left Hand


Season Stats:

League – GP: 59   W-L: 23-36   GAA: 3.05   SV%: .900   SO: 1

Cup – GP: 5   W-L: 3-2   GAA: 2.34   SV%: .917   SO: 0

Season Summary: Sjögren provided a steady and reliable last line of defence for the Stars and his vast experience paid off numerous times, as he came up big in some season defining moments.

The Swede played a good all-round game but his fast reactions and movement were what gave him an advantage over some of the Elite League’s top players.




Candidate 6: Stephen Murphy

Seasons Played: 2001/2002 & 2002/2003

Age When Playing for the Stars: 19-21

Birthplace: Dundee

Nationality: Scottish

Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches

Weight: 168 Pounds

Catches: Left Hand


Season Stats:


League – GP: 43   W-L: 40-3   GAA: 2.31   SV%: .911   SO: 6

Playoffs – GP: 10   W-L: 9-1   GAA: 1.50   SV%: .947   SO: 3


League – GP: 34   W-L: 27-7   GAA: 2.81   SV%: .912   SO: 4

Playoffs – GP: 8   W-L: 6-2   GAA: 2.74   SV%: .917   SO: 0

Season Summary: Despite his young age, Murphy was a key part of the team that won both the British National League and the BNL Playoffs in the club’s first season.

The Scot’s great ability and sky high potential helped him to have a lot of success in Dundee and he soon became regarded as one of the best goaltender’s in Britain.





Candidate 7: Nicola Riopel

Seasons Played: 2012/2013

Age When Playing for the Stars: 23-24

Born: St Pie, Quebec

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 6 Feet 0 Inches

Weight: 172 Pounds

Catches: Left Hand


Season Stats:

League – GP: 51   W-L: 19-32   GAA: 3.47   SV%: .912   SO: 3

Cup – GP: 8   W-L: 4-4   GAA: 3.17   SV%: .917   SO: 1

Season Summary: Riopel was an instant hit upon his arrival in Tayside and it only took a small amount of time for him to show his calibre and why he was an NHL Draft Pick.

He was well regarded around the league and feared by many teams, because if he was on his game and the forwards were scoring, then they knew it would be a tough night against the Stars.




Candidate 8: Travis Fullerton

Seasons Played: 2017/2018

Age When Playing for the Stars: 29-30

Birthplace: Riverview, New Brunswick

Nationality: Canadian

Height: 6 Feet 1 Inches

Weight: 181 Pounds

Catches: Left Hand


Season Stats:

League – GP: 54   W-L: 22-32   GAA: 3.89   SV%: .882   SO: 1

Cup – GP: 7   W-L: 4-3   GAA: 4.07   SV%: .878   SO: 0

Season Summary: Fullerton was a strong and capable safeguard in what was a very offensive team and his teammates knew they could rely on him and he was the often the favourable winner in 1-on-1 situations.

The Canadian knew the league well and used his experience well to clutch up some key victories for the club.




GP – Games Played

W – Wins

L – Losses

GAA – Goals Against Average

SV% – Save Percentage

SO – Shutouts

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