Hey Stars fans, it's Justin Maylan from last season, I just received notice that I graduated from the University of Dundee and immediately thought of all the amazing people who I met last year in your beautiful city. I know I was only there for half the season but I feel so lucky to have experienced the Dundee Stars way.

Please bare with me as I would like to acknowledge some groups of people.

The Wards and Omar Pacha- I truly believe if every owner cared about their team and players as much as the Ward family do, about the Dundee Stars, the hockey world would be a much better place.

Omar- thank you for giving me the opportunity to receive the scholarship, I understand how few and important those spots are and I am forever grateful for that.

I’m sorry it didn’t workout and I take full responsibility of not living up to my end on the ice.

Thank you for being a coach that cares about his players. Every player in that room would go to war for you and that’s a characteristic that many coaches don’t have.


Justin Maylan, Dundee Stars,


Lissa Monk- I don’t know where to begin, I can’t thank you enough for how important of a role you played in my academics. There are no words that can describe my appreciation. Thank You

The fans – Stars fans, you guys were like family to us players. It reminded me of when I was younger and I would look up and see my parents or aunt or other family members in the stands.

The support you gave us every night win or lose was incredible and something I’ve never seen before. I am sure I’ll leave someone out and I apolgise if I do, but specifically I would like to thank Liz and HockeyGran, you guys still owe me a Valentines date 🙂

I’d like to thank Mark and Jack for always putting a smile on my face after the games with the chocolate coins. I’d like to thank George for letting me park at his auto shop and always giving me a laugh before school.

And Callum, I always enjoyed seeing you wearing your Bruins jersey in warmups standing by the glass waiting for a Puck. You put a smile on my face before the game even started.

Last but certainly not least I’d like to thank Leo ( Chris Ward) and KitKat (Kevin Ward) and Airlie. Those three are the heart and soul of the team, not only do they do more work then anyone but they are amazing people. It was a pleasure seeing you guys everyday.

I apologise if I missed anybody and I apologise for making this long winded but in the midst of this pandemic, it’s given me some time to reflect and realise what a great organisation and experience the Dundee Stars offer.

Do not lose the passion and enthusiasm Stars fans, If I know one thing, it’s that Omar and the Wards are using this break to come back stronger and better then ever.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Go Stars Go!


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