Hi Stars fans,

I hope everyone is well!

The last few weeks have been 
filled with many positives both on and off the ice. Before the Fife game, the players and myself challenged ALL you fans to #StandStrong alongside us, and boy you guys bought in to that request and more. The support and noise has been nothing short of spectacular and is something that you’re going to have to trust me on, it spurs the guys on continually. With your support and atmosphere that you generate, it honestly feels like we have a 6th man out there on the ice. I can’t thank you all enough for that support.



We all know we are in a dog fight this season and that we are massive underdogs, but by you guys backing the players gives them that extra motivation to push harder for you, for the Club and for the City of Dundee. We have picked up 13 points out of a possible 14 in our last 7 league games, something that as Coach I am incredibly proud of. If you had told me that 3 weeks ago, I would have taken it in a heartbeat. Though, that doesn’t change the disappointment of yesterday in that heartbreaking overtime defeat to Sheffield. Sport in general can be cruel at times and it showed yesterday by two favorable bounces to Sheffield in the latter part of the game. As I mentioned in my post-game interview, we cannot only look at those final two minutes in isolation as the guys worked so hard and competed throughout, that I am sure we will see one of those games going our way.

Throughout the past 7 games that we’ve been on a roll with, we have seen different guys step up on different occasions. I truly believe this group can keep surprising people in the league and maintain our current play-off position, but it’s my job to ensure all of our players are ready game by game mentally and physically.  We have a team that is tight and have each other’s back and as a coach, I couldn’t be happier than I am to see that.



Off the ice, I am delighted with the support of our Sponsors and our Community School Visits. Since the start of the season, we have seen over 1200 kids in the span of 4 months. We have had great feedback and I cannot speak highly enough of our players and the way they act and interact with the young kids in teaching them about subjects such as nutrition, respect, anti-bullying and of course, about the Dundee Stars.  As professional athletes in Dundee, we always feel responsible for helping the community and giving back. This season we have seen many more children come through our doors, idolizing different players and looking up to them, which again is testament to the players themselves and how they interact but also how they hold themselves as human beings. Winning on the ice is something that we all strive for but being a part of the community is a huge priority.



We are rapidly entering a very important part of the season with Christmas nearly upon us. My aim and that of the players will be very much to maintain focus on our play-off position which has been our driving force in the last few weeks.  As the midpoint part of the season is approaching,  we need you guys more than ever and to come to the DIA in big numbers. Before the season, I spoke to players about a growing franchise here in Dundee, which we have seen bear fruit, but now it’s time to give that extra boost and to grow even more. So can I ask you all to continue to push the Stars brand and to bring even more friends, families and work colleagues to our upcoming home games?!

 vs Nottingham Panthers – 23 December 2018

 vs Fife Flyers – 26 December 2018

 vs Glasgow Clan – 2 January 2019

 vs MK Lightning – 3 January 2019


On December 26th, we will have #OperationSellout, when we face the Fife Flyers at the DIA (7:30pm).This will be a celebration of a great rivalry but also a great opportunity to show the wider league how we have grown over the last few seasons.




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