Hello Stars fans, hopefully the offseason is treating you well.
There is no shortage of top class hockey to keep you busy between Team GB competing in Pool A at the World Championships and the NHL Playoffs in full swing.
It was a busy, but great first week on the job! I have been in contact with the majority of players from last season and had great discussions about their experience in Dundee and how we can continue to build and take this club forward.
I have also spoken with a number of prospective players for the 2022/2023 roster and I am encouraged that in short order we will be able to report back with names on paper for the next edition of your team.
The passion that all those around the club have is infectious and there is great buzz about the team which has been reflected in season tickets sales.
Let’s keep it going to make sure the atmosphere in the Dundee Ice Arena is second to none when we take to the ice in a few short months time!
In the meantime…COYStars!
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