First off, I want to take time to congratulate Todd , Jeff and the whole Fife Flyers organisation for winning the Gardiner conference. We knew after their results on Friday and Saturday it was only a matter of time that they would win the conference. In saying that, we most certainly didn’t want them to win it in Dundee, on our ice. Unfortunately, after coming back on different occasions, we couldn’t close the game out with 16 seconds remaining in the game.

As a club we move on and focus on that final playoff spot. We have been so close in recent games with all teams, except for the horrendous Fife game on the road. The winning form is around the corner and we will get back to where we were at results wise. In the last two weeks we have found ways to lose, which was the complete opposite to January. We might be disappointed and frustrated but we will regroup stronger for these last 12 games.

We have that last playoff spot as our ultimate goal, we control our destiny on that front, and everyone within the Organisation are determined to get there. The fans that were here from day one of the season have probably seen it all. From the highs of the highs in winning 9 out of 10 and the lows of the lows playing with 11-12 players for months straight, dealing with multiple injuries and player departures. It has been a hard year but why give up now? It’s not in my makeup to do that. Mediocrity is not accepted here. Why not make these last 12 games of the regular season, including 5 home games, something really memorable. I encourage all of our fans to continue coming out in numbers and be that extra man for these last lot of home games. Most importantly let’s keep this buzz that you fans have created going for this next month and a half. In the last few months, we have really established ourselves as a major club in Dundee, crowds have been strongly evolving and our outreach has grown massively.

We will have a good week of practice ahead in preparation for this Friday night’s game vs Nottingham (19.30pm) @ Dundee Ice Arena. The team will be ready, so we’ll see you all on Friday night.



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