Trade-Mart Dundee Stars forward, Spencer Naas shared his delight after seeing a fast, skilful and hard-working team on the ice through the first three days of training camp.

By Kris Smith

The 28-year-old forward has only been in the City of Discovery for a few days but has been pleased by what he and his teammates have shown on the ice in their first couple of practice sessions and they are hungry to get back into game-action with two rivalry games, this weekend.

Talking after the end of day 3, Spencer said: “It is going well so far, it has been a big adjustment for a lot of guys.

“A lot happens as guys are getting here and moved into their new places, meeting new teammates, getting used to a new coach and new systems but it has all gone well so far and the guys seem to be gelling nicely and we are really looking forward to this weekend.”

He continued: “There are a lot of good players out there which makes it really exciting for us.

“We are a fast team, a skilled team and it also seems like guys work really hard, so when you combine those things, it is a pretty good combination and hopefully we can continue to build off that and build some momentum going into the season.”



As the days go on, everyone becomes more familiar with each other and chemistry begins to build and sometimes that can take a while to show, but the American believes this Stars team could be different.

Naas commented: “We are getting to know each other a little bit, it is still so early and it is a season long process.

“Sometimes it can even take a couple months to get some really good chemistry and get used to your linemates.

“However, there are so many good players here that I do not think it will be too big of an issue, the guys are all getting along great and everyone is really friendly and that always makes it easier to adjust into a new locker room.”

With two Tayside Derbies to begin the preseason this weekend, 15 players will be making their debut in the Auld Rivalry, whilst 13 will be making their first trips to Kirkcaldy.

Discussing the rivalry games, Naas explained how he and the rest of the newcomers have already been told just what to expect and what they hope to achieve this weekend.

He explained: “I have heard quite a bit about the Glasgow and Fife rivalries, so we are looking forward to it.

“Even though it is just preseason, you always want to start with a win and work on some things and get used to the tempo of the game again after a nice summer, but we are excited to get out there again in a game-type situation and hopefully have some success.”



Finally, Spencer spoke about the welcome he has had and how the team want to repay the fans for their early backing this season.

He added: “Absolutely, the fans have been great so far, even in our short time here and we have heard that the season ticket sales have done well.

“So, we are really hoping for that support and hopefully we can reward the fans with great performances on the ice.”

Saturday night will see Marc LeFebvre’s team make their season debut as we travel to Fife Ice Arena to face the Flyers (7:15pm FO) and then on Sunday, you can watch Spencer and the rest of the Stars for the first time at the DIA (5pm FO), as they face Fife once more.

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