Hi Stars fans,

As everyone knows, the season is coming to a rapid conclusion. The race for the playoffs cannot get any tighter than what it is now. With nine games remaining and only three left at home we have to make sure we are getting as big an advantage as possible on home ice. Throughout the season, our supporters have stuck by us through thick and thin and been a massive catalyst on some of the memorable nights that we have had at DIA this year. We are needing you to be that extra man once again in this home straight.

As a team, our main focus is on Saturday.  It is always a challenge to play in Nottingham. They are an extremely skillful team and make it difficult for any opposition that they face in their home building. Nonetheless, we recorded a fine victory in the NIC earlier in the season and we will be hoping of a repeat of that this weekend. Every game for the remainder of the season will be a challenge but I have no doubt that our boys will rise to the occasion as shown in our fantastic comeback against Coventry last Sunday.



This upcoming Sunday, we are hoping our fans come out in big numbers. This group has faced a lot of adversity this season. Everyone knew this campaign was going to be one of the biggest tests we have faced as an organisation however, the players have not only sustained consistent competitiveness throughout the year but put themselves in a position to acquire a vital playoff spot.

The squad deserve that extra boost more than ever. That is why this Sunday night I am asking our great fans to come in their numbers and be our extra man. Every game between now and the end of the season is a Playoff Final. Let’s be as one and defy the odds.



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