Kitmart Dundee Stars boss, Omar Pacha has praised his side’s two massive performances over the past weekend as he prepares his side for tonight’s Challenge Cup Quarter-Final second leg tie.

The Stars were 5-2 winners over Glasgow Clan on home ice last Saturday before travelling down to Cardiff and claiming a second set of two-points after defeating the welsh club 2-1.

Reviewing his teams performances, the Stars Head Coach started with Saturday nights win and said: “It was our first derby with Glasgow of the year.

“We were really happy with our first period and how strong we started, it was a really big fight by Kyle (Haas) to get us going and to get the crowd pumped up.

“I thought in the second period maybe we were getting a bit too loose, then we made it 4-1 but then they came straight back to make it 4-2 and had a bit of momentum.



“But in that third period, we played a really solid third period at home and were able to close the game out.

“So, to get that first win against Glasgow in 20 months at home in front of a big crowd, against a team that is going to be around us in the standings is massive.”

Pacha then moved on to Sunday’s big road win in Cardiff.

He added: “I was pleased with the compete level and the work ethic.

“Watching the game back, I do not think our execution was at our best and I do not think we played our best game of the season.

“However, I do think we competed extremely hard, worked hard and played hard defensively and we found a way to win a hockey game.

“It was a gritty road game and for us, finding ways to win on the road against teams like Cardiff are a big plus.”


Omar continued: “We found a way to get the job done, Adam (Morrison) had a great night again.

“He made some key saves at some key points in the game and we had a good third period but we gave up two or three ‘Grade-A’ scoring chances and he was able to shut them down.

“For us in the third, I thought we were playing better and finding our feet, so to get that second goal was massive and then shut the game down.

“So, I was really pleased with the guys, because finding a way in that building after such a long trip is not easy and to get the points on the road is huge for the season but also the Challenge Cup too and preparing us for that game.”

While both victories were down to crucial team performances, it has been hard to ignore the sensational form of Swedish winger, Sebastian Bengtsson.

Bengtsson netted three goals over the past weekend and speaking about his bright form, Pacha said: “I am really pleased for Sebby!

“I think since he came back from his injury he has been playing with that confidence and we found a strong combination between him and Phil (Philippe Sanche) too.

“At the start of the year, Sebby had plenty of chances and they just were not going in but right now everything seems to go in for him.

“Sometimes with goal scorers that is what happens, but as long as you get those chances and I feel every game he is getting chances and that is what we want for him.

“So, he is a key player for us and we are hoping he can keep that momentum going and keep finding those chances and producing offensively.”

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