The 2019/20 Premier Sports Playoffs may have been cancelled when the Elite League was forced to suspend the rest of its season due to the Coronavirus pandemic, however there’s still a chance for you to own a piece of the post-season.

Each year, the special playoff jerseys are auctioned off and 2020 will be no different. ‘Playoff Jerseys That Never Were’ will go on auction from Monday 6 July at 1900 for two weeks, closing on 20 July. Jerseys will close at one-minute intervals. You can browse and bid on the jerseys HERE!


Up for grabs will be the home and away jerseys of each team, plus bonus shirts for mascots and blood jerseys.

Click here to access the auction site now – but no bids can be made until Monday evening!
What would have happened in the playoffs that never were?

Starting later today, we’ll begin trying to work out what would have happened in the playoffs that never were. Keep an eye on our social media channels to take part!



Why are the jerseys only going on sale now?

The playoff jerseys were in production when the season was cut short in March. In many companies staff were furloughed due to the pandemic and therefore the Elite League was not in a position to have production completed and organise both the auction and the delivery to winning bidders. As restrictions have gradually been lifted, we are now able to begin the shirt auction.

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