Trade-Mart Dundee Stars defenseman, Kyle Pouncy wants to make the perfect start to this season by kicking things off with a victory over Fife Flyers in their first game on Saturday night.

By Kris Smith

The blueliner from British Columbia joined the Stars this summer and is loving life in his first overseas experience, as he will make his European hockey debut in a Dundee jersey.

Kyle said: “I am feeling great!

“Obviously the first couple days are a big adjustment and I have never been overseas but I am thankful that we have such a great group right off the hop and everyone is so nice, which makes it feel like home already.

“So, it feels like I have been here a while but it has only been like five days or so and I am having a blast so far.”

After finishing up day four of training camp, the 28-year-old shared his thoughts on how the week was going, adding; “It is going well, the first couple of days the boys are hurting a little bit as they get the legs going again, like you would expect,

“Now, we are starting to get into the groove and the systems and you can definitely see that guys are starting to gel.”



With a trip to Fife Ice Arena first up for Marc LeFebvre’s squad this weekend, Pouncy has said how he and the other Elite League rookies have been told what to expect on their initial visit to Kirkcaldy.

Kyle explained: “Some of the guys have been letting us know that it is an older barn and that the fans can be all over you.

“I do not know what the fans are going to be like this weekend for an exhibition game but I feel like they will be there and pushing their team on.

“However, we are ready for it and luckily we have guys that have been there before and will lead the way.”

Finally, the Canadian discussed the team’s winning mentality and how they are hungry to make a strong start to not just preseason but the whole campaign.

He commented: “We would like to win, because winning sets the tone for the rest of the season.

“You want to be winning right from the start, even though it is preseason, we will be facing the same Fife team a few times this year, so we would love to instil our systems right away and work out any kinks if there is any.

“Then, hopefully we can get on the board early and get a win right from day one and then continue that on for the rest of the season.”

The Stars will also welcome the Flyers to Dundee on Sunday evening (FO 5om), Get your tickets HERE!

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