Hi Stars fans,

I hope all is well. The last few weeks have been extremely difficult to say the least. As a club, we are not satisfied at all at where we are in the standings.

On Saturday, it was a case of a bad bounce going in the net for Coventry’s game winning goal and on Sunday a few mental mistakes cost us. Our last 3 home games against Sheffield, Belfast and Cardiff have proven to be difficult. We were aware this year would be challenging, as this is the strongest Elite League in history and with no conference system, it means we are playing the ‘big’ teams an additional eight times. However, as a team we still want to be able to steal games and compete. Unfortunately, on Sunday we gave Cardiff a good game but as mentioned previously those mistakes against the defending champions were instrumental in the result.



The positive from the past two games is our work ethic and compete level are back to where they should be. Every team faces slumps and can be down but the difference is how, as a group, you rise from the lows.

Everyone from the players to management are disappointed at where we are in the standings. We are working tirelessly to fix this so we can get back to winning ways. It is a waste of time finding excuses because none of that can change our recent losing streak. We are moving on and finding the right solutions to get back to winning ways and we will do everything we can to make that happen on Saturday. I am hoping our fans give us the extra boost and cheer us on.



Last year we attracted our largest crowd ever for a regular season game. I am aware that some fans are frustrated with our recent form but I know it is possible to get close to this again on Saturday. We might be the underdogs going into every single game but through uniting together, we can make DIA a fortress.

Now more than ever it is important to get that spark from our fans and that positivity going into the weekend. These guys will fight and find a way to turn things around. Let’s all believe that we can accomplish better things in the next few weeks. When times are tough, that is when you see the real men step up.



This club is now part of my life and it is my utmost intention to help its growth. That is why this Saturday we are asking you to come in your numbers and #StandStrong for our boys in blue, red and white.

We will not only show the league how much we have grown off the ice in the last two years but also show the support to our players when they need it the most. Be that extra man/woman for this game. As I mentioned to the guys, when times are tough you always need to stick together.

We are the Stars Nation and Saturday vs Fife we will all stick together.


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